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Give Meaning and Power to Your Data

Modern marketers have access to vast amounts of digital marketing data. But, having data and using it are two very different things.

Unfortunately, many teams struggle to put their data to good use. Whether they don’t have enough in-house knowledge, or they just don’t have confidence in their data, the results are the same: disconnected marketing strategies and underperforming campaigns.

At Olive & Company, we have the cross-functional expertise to give meaning and power to your data.

We know how every part of the digital ecosystem works together, and we take pride in shaping strategies with data-driven insights. With these insights, we help our clients prioritize marketing efforts, improve performance, and generate increased ROI.

If you’re ready for more clarity and better results, let’s get started.

Why Partner With Olive & Company?

Holistic Thinking

We're more than a digital marketing analytics agency. We also offer expertise across branding, web design, and the full digital ecosystem.


Everything starts with a full understanding of your business and goals. From there, we show what needs to change to achieve your vision.

Actionable Insights

We don't just tell you what is happening. We also tell you why, and we outline each of the actions needed to improve your marketing results.

Lead Analysis

Our clients need to go deeper than traffic, click-through rates, and conversion rates. We track leads through the full sales process to measure true ROI.


We don't just send reports to our clients via email. We meet to review findings, discuss insights, and agree on data-driven decisions and actions.


For each of our clients, we tailor our reports to highlight KPIs and marketing metrics in a way that clarifies data and fuels their marketing initiatives.

Client Success Highlights

Digital Marketing Analytics Plans

Foundation Plan

For businesses looking to establish data-driven best practices.

Growth Plan

For organizations ready to expand their digital marketing program.

Accelerator Plan

For companies striving to maximize digital marketing ROI.

Still Have Questions?

We share detailed reports with our clients in regular review meetings. Typically, these meetings occur in a monthly or quarterly cadence.

In these meetings, we review campaign performance, track goal progress, discuss key findings, and outline recommended action items. In some cases, we may also spend time looking at things like A/B test results or landing page experiences. 

Ultimately, we shape our process to fit our clients’ goals and preferences.

We do! While we often partner with our clients across a full range of digital marketing services, we’re also more than happy to fit in where we’re needed. 

If you’re already working with another partner on things like content marketing or pay-per-click management, but you’re looking for a fresh digital marketing analytics perspective, contact us and let us know how we can help.

We work with a wide range of businesses and organizations in technology, education, business services, A/E/C, and other industries. 

Although all of our clients have unique characteristics and challenges, the common thread between them is that they all have a research-based sales cycle. In other words, their customers conduct substantial research before making a buying decision. 

Because of this, our analytics tend to focus on traffic, engagement, conversions, and leads.

In addition to digital marketing analytics, we also offer branding services, web design services, and a range of digital marketing services, including:

Typically, we bundle these services together as part of an ongoing partnership. With that being said, we always configure our services based on a client’s needs.

We use a variety of digital marketing analytics tools, depending on a client’s needs.

Our primary web analytics platform is Google Analytics (now GA4). Through our dashboards, though, we also connect to ad platforms, social media accounts, email platforms, and search data tools.

We also connect to tools like Hubspot and Salesforce in order to access lead and sales data.

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