Digital Advertising Audit

Discover new ways to elevate your digital ad campaigns and maximize ROI.

Audit Outcomes

  • Identify ways to improve existing campaigns.
  • Uncover channel and budget utilization gaps.
  • Establish key performance benchmarks.
  • Reveal conversion rate optimization (CRO) issues.
  • Prioritize actionable improvements

Expert Analysis and Clear Takeaways

If your campaigns are underperforming, or you’re wondering how to take them to the next level, we’re here to help.

Our digital advertising audit is designed to help teams maximize the value of every campaign dollar. Through our comprehensive process, we’ll examine your program to identify critical issues and opportunities for improvement.

We’ll answer these questions (and more):

  • Is your advertising budget being put to good use?
  • Are you using the right channels (e.g., paid search, paid social, display, etc.)?
  • Are your campaigns structured to drive optimal results?
  • How do your digital ad results compare with industry benchmarks?
  • Are your ads and landing pages helping or hurting performance?

Equipped with these insights and recommendations, your marketing team will gain clarity, confidence, and momentum.

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Digital Advertising Audit Components


Discovery Session

In this collaborative session, we'll meet with your team to learn about your goals, target audiences, challenges, and past digital advertising efforts.

Competitor Review

To understand your current landscape, we'll review competitor digital advertising activities to identify trends, opportunities, and threats.

Channel Utilization

Are you using the right paid channels in the right way? We'll examine your digital channel strategy to uncover strategic gaps and opportunities.

Audience Targeting

Does your audience targeting align with your goals? We'll review targeting to make sure every campaign is dialed in to the right audience.

Budget Utilization

How much of your ad spend is wasted each month? How much budget do you need to reach your goals? We'll dig in to find the answers.

Creative Review

We'll review your ad creative to assess messaging, consistency, and brand alignment across all digital advertising channels.

Landing Page Analysis

We'll analyze the user experience of your campaign landing pages to make sure you're maximizing the value of paid website traffic.

Tracking Review

We'll review your Google Analytics and ad platform setups to make sure you're able to track conversions and other important KPIs.

Audit Report

Once we've completed your digital advertising audit, we'll present our insights and recommendations during a collaborative review session.

Client Successes

    Olive & Company has been a fantastic and trusted partner. They have helped us with a complete website redesign as well as marketing and advertising strategies ranging from digital advertising, social media content, blog content, and performance analysis. They are responsive, professional, friendly and truly care about our organization. Highly recommend!”

    Jennifer Rohling

    Director of Marketing, Groves Learning Organization

    Olive & Company is an invaluable partner for us as we expand our digital presence. Their team serves as trusted hands who have helped us craft a paid and website strategy customized for our unique needs, market requirements, and organizational goals.”

    Amanda Lockhart

    Vice President Marketing, Hanover Research

    Our audit of one client’s paid search campaigns enabled them to eliminate wasted ad spend that had previously used up over 25% of their total advertising budget.
    Olive & Company has been the trusted partner of Medallion Labs for 5+ years. As a vital extension of our business team, Olive has brought our creative ideas to life, time after time, and has played a key role in the success of our brand, marketing, and sales efforts. Their partnership, account management, expertise, and accountability are top-notch, and their ability to immerse themselves in the customer's brand creates a seamless experience. Thankful to have Olive & Company on my team!”

    Sarah Eull

    General Manager, Medallion Labs

Still Have Questions?

We work with a diverse set of clients—from mid-sized businesses to universities to global corporations—all looking to connect with target audiences in a research-based sales cycle or enrollment funnel.

We’ve built our team and processes to adapt to the specific needs of individual clients and projects, but we provide the most value to groups looking for an ongoing strategic partnership with a digital marketing agency.

To see examples of our client successes across multiple industries, explore our work section. While doing so, keep in mind that there are certain client stories—particularly within higher education—that we can’t share.

The specific paid digital channels included in our audit depend on the unique characteristics of our individual clients. 

We do, however, have substantial experience across all of these ad platforms:  

  • Google Search/Display Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • YouTube Ads
  • Meta/Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Snapchat Ads
  • TikTok Ads
  • CTV/OTT Ads
  • Spotify Ads
  • Additional Programmatic Display/Audio Ads

We also evaluate channel mix as part of our audit process. As a result, we may recommend new paid advertising campaigns on platforms you’re not currently using. 

We do. Some companies and institutions have internal digital marketing management resources, but they need an outside perspective to get their campaigns on the right track. For these teams, our audit can identify gaps and opportunities in an existing digital advertising strategy.

We can also conduct an audit as a way of sharing our thinking and building a relationship before moving into an ongoing partnership. We understand that digital marketing is a significant investment, and we want our clients to feel comfortable with our team before starting a contract.

If you’re interested in a stand-alone audit, or you’d like to discuss different options, let us know in the form below.

Absolutely. We understand that every client and situation is unique. We tailor our audits to align with our clients’ needs.

For some, that may mean focusing exclusively on paid search campaigns in Google Ads. Others may require a more holistic approach that encompasses paid search, paid social, display ads, and more.

We also offer a comprehensive digital marketing audit for teams looking for help across their entire digital marketing strategy.

Tell us about your goals and current digital efforts in the form below, and we’ll work with you to create an audit approach that works for your business, organization, or institution.

That depends. Our audits contain detailed insights, context, and recommendations so internal marketing teams can implement the necessary updates themselves.

With that said, many clients decide they want extra assistance and choose to partner with our team for ongoing campaign management and analytics services.

While our preference is always to establish long-term partnerships with clients, our audit goal is to provide clients with valuable information to inform their strategy and direction.

If you’re not sure which approach makes sense for your organization, contact us through the form below and let’s chat.

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