About Us

A team of answer seekers, problem solvers, and creative thinkers.

Solving today’s business challenges requires a marketing team that balances the demands of data, research, and technology with inspired strategic thinking and creative execution. That’s Olive & Company, and we’re passionate about using marketing to help our clients succeed.

We’re Growth-Focused

We work with growth-minded organizations looking to elevate their brand experience and digital marketing results.
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We Blend Science and Art

The best marketing balances in-depth data analysis with creative inspiration. That’s how we approach everything we do for our clients.
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We’re Process-Driven

We’re process-driven to the core: continually refining our tools, tactics, strategies, and methods to deliver better results to our clients.
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Our Shared Purpose

When Rob Haskin and Tom Keekley founded Olive & Company in 2003, they envisioned building an agency where smart, talented individuals came together as a team to do work they were proud of for exceptional clients.

Today, each highly skilled individual on our team brings unique expertise and perspectives, but they all share a common purpose: overcoming complex marketing challenges to help our clients achieve their goals.

That drive is what makes someone an Olive.

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The Values That Guide Us

Get Better Every Day

It’s not enough to be smart and talented. Things change. Marketing evolves. To do what we do and do it well, we continuously seek out opportunities for learning and improvement.

Bring Out Everyone's Best

As an agency team, and as partners to our clients, we’re better together. And when we motivate, support, and empower one another in our work, we’re unstoppable.

Do the Right Thing

We strive for integrity in every action and every decision. This sometimes leads to challenging conversations, but these challenges help clarify who we are and what we believe.

Face Challenges with Positivity

Let’s face it, there’s never a shortage of roadblocks when it comes to marketing, but we embrace these things, knowing that each new challenge makes us better.

Our Clients

Still Have Questions?

We work with a diverse set of clients—from mid-sized businesses to educational institutions to global corporations—all looking to connect with audiences in a research-based sales cycle. We’ve built our team and processes to adapt to the specific needs of individual clients and projects, but we provide the most value to organizations looking for an ongoing strategic partnership.

We specialize in building authentic brands and compelling digital marketing experiences. More specifically, we focus on brand messaging and identity development, website design and development, and digital marketing strategy and management, all informed by data analysis. To learn more about our capabilities and approach, visit our services page.

We have, but we don’t spend much time submitting our work for awards. While we’re passionate about the work we do, and industry awards are always nice, we measure ourselves based on our clients’ success, and we’re much more interested in their recognition.

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Maybe. Check out our Careers page to see an updated list of current openings. If you think you’d be a great addition to the Olive team, but don’t see any specific openings that match your skill set, we’d still like to hear from you. Send us a note and let us know why you should be a part of our team.

After much brainstorming and debate, Olive  & Company co-founders Rob Haskin and Tom Keekley found inspiration from an unusual—and furry—source: the Haskin family dog, Olive. After the thoughtful addition of “& Company,” the name fit. Many years later, it still serves us well.