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Realign the key elements of your organization's brand strategy.

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Refocus and Reenergize Your Brand

As businesses evolve, brands need to keep up. When they don’t, teams fall out of alignment, and brand experience suffers. 

For some brands, this situation may require a full brand rebuild. Businesses with solid brand foundations, though, may only need a realignment of key elements. That’s where the Olive & Company branding workshop comes in. 

Through this collaborative experience, we’ll examine the current state of your brand strategy, brand identity, industry, and audiences; we’ll identify the attributes that make your brand unique; and, we’ll develop messages to realign your team’s understanding and application of the brand.

We’ll answer these critical questions:

Your team will walk away from the brand strategy workshop with a clearer understanding of what sets your brand apart, and with renewed enthusiasm to build cohesive brand experiences that support your business goals.

Branding Workshop Components

Brand Review

Prior to the workshop session, we’ll review your current brand experience as represented on your website and other communications.

Competitive Review

To compare and contrast current brand strategies, we’ll review your competitive landscape across available touchpoints.

SWOT Analysis

We'll develop a preliminary brand SWOT analysis, and refine it together as part of the workshop experience.

Core Values

Working with your team, we'll refine your brand's core values along with other essential components of your brand platform.

Brand Position

To provide your team with a clear way to talk about your brand, we’ll collaboratively develop your brand’s positioning statement.

Brand Purpose

We'll discuss your brand's "Why?" to spark conversation about how it's being used in your organization's marketing strategies and decision-making. 

Key Audiences

Based on the characteristics and behavior drivers of your ideal customer, we’ll work to outline and refine brand persona profiles.

Key Message Themes

To connect your brand to your audiences, we'll zero in on key message themes to be used in marketing communications and brand building.


Following the workshop, we'll provide our detailed insights from the day's discussions to serve as a launch point for your realigned brand vision.

Happy Clients

Still Have Questions?

While we understand the desire to calculate a brand project’s ROI, the nature of branding makes that calculation messy and misleading. 

When considering an investment in branding services, it’s more helpful to understand the benefits of building a successful brand. Or, to evaluate the costs of neglecting a strong brand foundation.

A strong brand helps every part of a business. It elevates marketing efforts, increases loyalty, and improves recruitment. It also provides clarity, and much more.

To learn more, read our blog, The Benefits of Branding: Understanding the True ROI of Brand Work.

We often work with businesses who aren’t looking for a comprehensive rebrand approach. Most of our clients need updated branding strategies and refreshed visual identities. Some are just looking for a brand workshop experience to help them regain organizational alignment.

Whatever your situation may be, we always begin our work by determining the right approach for our clients. While we do have an established branding process, it’s designed to be flexible to accommodate organizations at different stages of their evolution.

The brand platform is one of our core deliverables. It outlines the essentials of your brand story. And, when properly used, it should guide brand efforts across all facets of an organization.

Although platforms can look different depending on a client’s needs, the typical brand strategy platform includes variations of the following things: 

  • Brand purpose
  • Brand values
  • Brand personality
  • Brand positioning statement
  • Unique value proposition
  • Brand vision
  • Tone of voice
  • Key messaging themes
  • Target audience personas

To learn more, read our blog post, The Brand Platform: Guiding Business Vision and Decisions.

Our team conducts research on competitors and target audiences as part of our core branding process. When additional market research is necessary, we collaborate with an external research partner.

In those situations, we’re always transparent about the partnership, and we manage external resources as if they’re an extension of our team.

As part of our brand strategy services offering, we partner with Hanover Research for long-term brand perception tracking. Using their Brand Tracker, we help our clients track brand awareness and brand equity over time.

The Brand Tracker also helps businesses assess campaign effectiveness, identify category trends, and benchmark performance against competitors.

Brand tracking isn’t necessary for all clients, but it is an excellent way to gain an in-depth understanding of what audiences think of your brand, as well as your products and services.

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