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Modernizing the AET Brand and Website Experience for a Changing Industry

What Olive Did For This Client



increase in user events per session


improvement in bounce rate


increase in service page entrances

The Client

American Engineering Testing (AET) is a multidisciplinary engineering firm known for its wide range of environmental, geotechnical, and materials engineering services. Recognized for their innovative solutions and technical excellence, AET tackles complex engineering challenges, ensuring public and private-sector projects are sustainable, efficient, and compliant.

The Challenge

When AET reached out to Olive & Company in 2020, they faced a pivotal moment. Increasingly, their prospective customers and employees preferred digital channels and interactions, a trend made even more prominent by COVID-19. To meet these expectations, AET knew their brand and website were critical. Unfortunately, their existing visual branding and website had grown stale, failing to resonate with audiences or engage users. The AET logo and color palette felt outdated, and their website didn’t showcase their strengths and services. The site also lacked calls-to-action, leaving users with limited engagement opportunities and conversion paths.

AET’s call for help was clear: they needed to revitalize their brand identity and transform their website experience to connect with evolving audiences. They also needed to support their internal marketing team with outside expertise to strengthen lead generation efforts and position AET for continued growth and success.

The Solution

Olive kickstarted the brand refresh process by using mood boards to explore new themes and styles. These boards eventually led to updated logo concepts and visual identity designs. As the brand work progressed, we also began working on an overhaul of the AET website—conducting a site assessment, reorganizing the site architecture, and rethinking content strategy and UX. When the branding work was completed, we brought it to life through fresh web page designs and an elevated visual experience. Post-launch, we conducted a follow-up site assessment and shared detailed digital marketing recommendations to continue building on the website’s momentum.

Continuing our partnership with AET, we developed brand guidelines, provided brand training, and redesigned business collateral materials. We also provided webinar strategy and support and ongoing website management services. Finally, we facilitated a workshop with the AET team to develop an internal branding implementation roadmap before bringing this initiative to life through office art.

Our comprehensive revitalization of the AET brand and digital experience has positioned them for ongoing success, and we continue to partner with their team today.

Project Highlights

  • Provided website SEO and UX training materials to the client team to guide ongoing content marketing efforts.
  • Reconfigured the client’s Google Analytics setup to better track inbound lead performance.
  • Provided strategic recommendations about brand naming and website domain considerations.
  • Shared comprehensive digital marketing channel recommendations to continue momentum from the website project.
  • Facilitated a workshop with company leadership to develop a purpose and principles implementation roadmap.

Services Provided

  • Brand Identity and Logo Design
  • Brand Guidelines Development
  • Website Redesign and Development
  • Business Collateral and Truck Wrap Design
  • Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting
  • Webinar Strategy, Promotion, and Analysis
  • Brand Implementation Strategy
  • Website Maintenance and Support
A great marketing agency! The Olive & Company marketers, designers, and developers helped us through a major website overhaul and rebranding effort. We appreciated working with a dedicated project manager who could pull in the various experts we needed to help us meet our goals.”
Chuck Geisler
Marketing & Business Development Director