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Taking the Biorphen Brand to Market for Eton Pharmaceuticals

The Client

Eton Pharmaceuticals is a biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and commercializing high-value products while prioritizing patient safety. Their mission is to advance healthcare through the introduction of innovative medicines that are affordable and available to all patients.

The Challenge

With a new product moving through the FDA approval process, the Eton team needed to define a brand that would position the product for sustained success. They also needed to quickly establish a landing page presence to support pre-approval communications, and they needed to begin work on an array of marketing and sales materials to be used once approval was granted.

The Solution

To kick off our brand development process, we conducted a workshop with key project team members to help us understand the true differentiation of the new product and the company behind it. We then conducted a series of interviews with internal and external stakeholders to gather insights and perceptions from key audience segments, including buyers and influencers. Based on our discussions and research, we developed a complete brand platform and audience personas. We then created a brand identity based on the established strategic foundation.

Equipped with the strategy, messaging, and identity for the new brand—Biorphen—our team shifted into implementation mode. We built a full website, developed campaign launch ad creative, and created trade show materials, all while navigating the complex FDA review process.

The Results

  • Biorphen was eventually approved by the FDA, a process which was supported by the branding, messaging, and website that Olive developed.
  • The Biorphen brand was a success for Eton Pharmaceuticals and was eventually acquired.

Services Provided

  • Brand Research
  • Brand Platform and Persona Development
  • Brand Messaging
  • Content Strategy
  • Landing Page Development
  • Web Design and Development
  • Trade Show Materials
  • Brand Launch Campaign Creative