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Set your website project up for success with focused research and strategy.

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Start With Web Design Project Clarity

Modern website projects are complex. With limitless potential configurations, considerations, and requirements, the process of planning and building a website can be daunting for any organization.

We understand. At Olive & Company, we’ve managed our own website redesign projects, and we’ve managed them for our clients countless times. Through this experience, we’ve learned that the best way to ensure project success is to start with a research-based strategic plan, a clear scope, and a shared vision of success among all project stakeholders.

With these essential elements in mind, we developed our website blueprint process. Through this process, we’ll work closely with your team to research and understand your business objectives, your project, and your desired outcomes, so that we can assemble a project plan in perfect alignment with your vision.

We’ll answer these critical questions:

If you’re ready to begin your web design process, and you’re looking for a partner to lead the way, contact us to learn how our website blueprint will start your project with a plan for success.

Website Blueprint Components

Discovery Session

We’ll meet with your team to learn about your business, goals, target audiences, and project vision in a collaborative session.

Site Assessment

We’ll assess your site’s performance, evaluating traffic, user behaviors, SEO, accessibility, and other critical factors.

Content Strategy

We'll conduct an inventory of your site to develop content strategy and site architecture recommendations.

SEO Research

We'll inform site architecture and page copywriting decisions with keyword research and search engine optimization strategy.

Homepage Experience

We'll develop a homepage wireframe and design concepts to set the direction for web page experience and style.


We’ll define requirements for every project component, including content, functionality, accessibility, technology, and more.

Site Architecture

We’ll create an updated site map—outlining every single page of your website—to guide our strategic planning process.

Plan and Scope

We’ll define a detailed strategic project plan and a precise scope for all associated project components.

Project Checkpoint

As we move into production, we'll provide a final checkpoint to review the scope and fees for your website design project.

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Still Have Questions?

We typically build WordPress websites (for many good reasons). We also have significant experience working with the Hubspot CMS. These platforms have served our clients well over the years. If you need to use another CMS, however, let us know and we’ll figure out a plan that works for your website.

We specialize in working with businesses and organizations with a research-based sales cycle (e.g., business services companies, technology companies, architecture and engineering firms, education institutions, healthcare organizations, etc.).

These types of organizations need user-friendly websites that tell a complex story to multiple target audience personas in a clear and compelling way. Their sites also need to be search engine optimized, they need to provide an exceptional user experience, and they need to drive action. We build professional websites that achieve these goals.

We’re not just a web design company, though. We also help our clients build their brands, and we manage high-performing digital marketing campaigns that drive growth.

To learn more, explore our work.

We do all of our own web development work for the vast majority of website projects we take on.

In the rare situations where we need to work with an external development resource, we’re transparent about that relationship with our clients. 

When we partner with our client’s internal development resources, we incorporate a thorough design hand-off into our process to ensure project continuity and success.

Most of our full website redesign projects take approximately three to six months to complete. Larger, more complex projects, however, can extend beyond six months, depending on a project’s scope. 

It takes time to build a website. Our process is designed to produce an exceptional custom website that achieves our client’s goals as efficiently as we can. We constantly seek out opportunities to streamline our project workflow without sacrificing the quality of our work.

For more information about our full web design services approach, review our process.

Website continuous improvement is an ongoing, agile approach to elevating existing website performance through strategic, data-driven changes. Through these changes, brands steadily improve their engagement with website users and search engines.

Depending on your goals and website technology infrastructure, it may make more sense to launch a continuous improvement program instead of a comprehensive website redesign project. 

Fortunately, our team has extensive experience with both approaches, and we can help you determine which approach makes the most sense for your situation.

If you’re interested in learning more about how continuous improvement fits into our web design services, read this blog post

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