The Olive Website Blueprint

Our collaborative website blueprint process provides analysis, insights, and a detailed strategic plan for web design project success.

Modern web design projects are complex. With limitless potential configurations, considerations, and requirements, the process of planning and completing a web design project can be a daunting one for any organization.

We understand. We’ve managed our own web design projects, and we’ve managed them for our clients countless times. Through all this experience, we’ve learned that the best way to ensure web design project success is to start with a research-based strategic plan, a clear scope, and a shared vision of success among all project stakeholders.

With these essential elements in mind, we designed our website blueprint process. Through this process, we’ll work closely with your team to research and understand your business, your project, and your desired outcomes, so that we can assemble a strategic web design project plan in perfect alignment with your vision.

Our website blueprint process will help your organization …

  • Establish unified vision and expectations among project stakeholders
  • Define a detailed strategy and clear path to project success
  • Prevent cost and time overruns by ensuring accurate scoping
  • Challenge project assumptions through research and analysis
  • Retain budget targets by replacing a traditional discovery process

If you’re ready to begin your web design process, and you’re looking for a strategic partner to lead the way, contact us to learn how the Olive website blueprint will start your project with a strategic plan for success.

The Website Blueprint Process

Discovery Workshop

We’ll meet with your team to learn about your business, goals, audiences, and project vision in a collaborative workshop.

Site Assessment

We’ll assess your site’s performance, evaluating traffic, user behaviors, SEO, accessibility, and other critical factors.

Survey (Optional)

We’ll develop a discovery survey and analyze the results to include project perspectives from a broader audience.

Content Inventory

We’ll conduct an inventory of your site to determine content, copywriting, and site architecture recommendations.

Project Priorities

We’ll collaborate with your team to develop a project priority list, focusing on features, functionality, content, and more.


We’ll define requirements for every project component, including functionality, accessibility, technology, and more.

Site Mapping

We’ll create an updated site map, based on our research and discovery work, to guide our strategic planning process.

Plan and Scope

We’ll define a detailed strategic project plan and a precise scope for all associated project components.

Website Blueprint Review

We’ll gather all of our analysis, insights, and our strategic project plan into a PDF report, and walk through our detailed findings with your team.

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