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What Is Recruitment Marketing?

A new buzzword is taking the marketing and talent acquisition industries by storm: recruitment marketing. On their own, “recruitment” and “marketing” are each broad terms, and everyone has a different understanding of how to make the most of each concept. So, by now we know the question you’re asking.

What is Recruitment Marketing?

Put simply, recruitment marketing is a talent acquisition strategy used to attract potential employees wherever they are in their job-searching journey.

Similar to Olive’s approach to digital marketing, a recruitment marketing strategy uses marketing tactics like persona development, social media, blogging, email marketing, and SEO and keyword research. But instead of helping you gain customers, it helps you reach those interested in working for you long before you need to fill an empty position at your company. For example, you may post images, videos, and testimonies from your employees about what it’s like working for you on your company social media channels.

Why Is Recruitment Marketing Beneficial?

Recruitment marketing has an endless list of benefits for you, your employees, and your company in general.

When the time comes to begin the hiring process, you’ll already have a list of interested, qualified passive and active job seekers waiting in the wings to hear from you, leaving you more time to focus on transforming your business. Your employees will appreciate your enthusiasm for including their voice in your social media messaging, and will engage more with your company pages online as you post more about your company culture.

Most importantly, recruitment marketing helps focus and bolster your brand’s reputation. Promoting your company’s culture, values, and mission through social media, blogging, and your careers page, will ensure that every user who stumbles upon your content leaves feeling like you care about your employees—a message that will resonate with passive and active job seekers long after they navigate away from your website.

Are you nailing your recruitment marketing messaging, but struggling to gain more traffic to your website? Follow our tips to optimize your careers page to ensure it gets the traffic it deserves.

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