The Olive Reading List: March 12, 2015

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been reading, watching, and discussing in the Olive studio this week:

Exclusive! See Zoolander’s Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Prep for the Valentino Show

Derek Zoolander and Hansel have made their first runway appearance in years—and we get a behind-the-scenes view of their prep time. Sidenote, who’s excited for Zoolander 2?!
— Jessie Reagen

A Rare Peek Inside the Shops of the Soviet Union

These photographs from the late ’80s Soviet Union illustrate not only the Eastern European society’s economic state at the time, but also the minimalist nature of the culture’s design “devoid of manufactured urgency.” Quite a departure from the Western brand overload mentality.
— Dani Adelman (@DaniAdelman)

What’s on the Horizon for Mobile?

Ready for another mobile list of what to expect in 2015? I am! Here’s one that analyzes trends to predict where things will head in the new year. Who’s excited for wearables?!
— Ben Oberg (@benoberg)

How They Got There

When you’re starting out in design, you sometimes look around and wonder what steps to take to get from your current position to where you really want to be. Too often, you come up short. This book offers interviews with a wide variety designers, detailing the steps (some intended, some unintended) they took to get to their current position.
— Peter Robelia (@PeterRobelia)

Marketers, Meerkat, and the Brand Potential of the Live-Stream Video App

Meerkats look cute, are very social, and have short life spans. This article isn’t about these hugging creatures (yes, they hug and it’s adorable) but it does highlight an important new social media marketing tool that is named after, and shares many qualities of, the meerkat.
— Katie Yohn (@KatieLyohn)

Here’s Why Your Favorite Brands are Making Their Own Emoticons

When LOL, OMG, and ILY just won’t cut it, people turn to the emoticon. In fact, 6 billion emoticons or stickers are sent every single day. Now, companies are stepping up to help customers express themselves with brand emoticons. Broad City is my favorite.
— Eliza Green (@ElizaAnneGreen)

The 10 Most Obvious Reasons for Using Responsive Design in 2015

If you haven’t jumped on the responsive bandwagon yet, the founder of BlueHat Marketing, a leading Canadian SEO agency, gives you ten more reasons why you should. From faster loading speeds to better pay-per-click benefits, it’s a marketing must.
— Leah Alsum

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