The Olive Reading List: July 11, 2013

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been reading, watching, and discussing in the Olive studio this week:

Why the World of PR Is Changing

What you do is more important than what you say and just as important is distinguishing between Objectives, Strategy, and Tactics.
— Shawn Lockhart (@ShawnALockhart)

How to use a website to strengthen a brand

The first thing that springs to mind when we think of branding is likely the large, cultivated brand imagery that forms the face of billion-dollar firms such as Apple.The reality is that branding is borne out of any identifying features, and is used to create a persistent identity for products and firms.
— Tieran Haskin (@TieranH)

What Exactly is “Great Content?”

Content is far more than words on the page …. and this “Anatomy of Great
Content” is a great primer on the complex alchemy of modern copy writing.
— Tom Keekley (@tkeekley)

The New Interface

The conceptual struggle between design and interaction for the screen.
— Rob Haskin (@rhaskin)

How to Audit Your Website for Improved SEO and Conversions

Looking to get your website into shape, boost your SEO, and increase your conversions? It’s time for an audit.
— Erik Norsted (@enorsted)

We Need More T-shaped Designers

The modern designer must adapt into a multi-disciplined (“T-shaped”) superhuman with broad knowledge; and integrate sustainability into their process.
— Michaela Frokjer (@michaelafrokjer)

A great interview with Brad Frost, a leading voice on responsive website design.
— Peter Robelia (@PeterRobelia)

Artist Creates (And Destroys) Drawings From Thousands of Pounds of Salt

Using an unlikely medium, this artist creates beautiful and ephemeral pieces of art.
— Valerie Bradt (@valeriebradt)

New Symbol Designed to Replace ‘the’

Many aspects of a ‘the’ symbol fall short of expectations. The designer actually created a ligature of ‘Th’ rather than a symbol (ex. &, #, %). Ћ is already a Serbian character. ‘The’, other than starting a sentence or the first word in a title, is never capitalized.
— Jonathan Sollie (@solliedesign)

Olive & Company

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