The Modern Marketer’s Toolbox: Webinars

In a marketing landscape of endless written content, webinars are a multisensory way to keep up to date on best practices, tactics, and trends. You can watch experts share their knowledge live, in real-time and engage by participating in a Q and A. You can also watch recorded webinars on demand through many resources. If you’re someone who actually prefers to read (or skim) your content, some resources post transcripts or slides to accompany the recorded webinar.

Beyond watching webinars for your own benefit, you can also use them as a marketing tactic. Put on your own live webinar to share your knowledge, show audiences your brand personality, and give them a new form of content to enjoy. Whether you use webinars to stay savvy or to keep your audience engaged, here are some webinars and top resources to consider for knowledge or inspiration.

Top Marketing Webinars

Check out this list of recent webinars from top-notch resources to get up to speed on what marketers are talking about, right now.

1. 8 Biggest Mistakes Demand Generation Marketers Make and How to Avoid Them

Marketo presents this 50-minute webinar on demand generation. They cover segmentation, lead scoring, analytics, and how these elements can lead to mistakes while implementing your demand generation strategy. You’ll also receive tips that can drive to demand generation success. You can watch the video on demand and slides are available to check out at your own pace.

2. How B2B Brands Can Tap Into the Power of Social

Speakers from Circle Research, Brandwatch, and Hootsuite discuss two current research studies in this enterprise webinar. After diving into Brandwatch’s B2B Social Media Report and Circle Research’s SocialMedia Benchmarking Report 2015, you’ll have a better grasp on B2B social media marketing tactics and trends. The presenters also share insights on the B2B buying process, social data, the best social networks for engagement, the value of social, and how to share that value with your B2B organization.

3. How Content Marketing Really Works: From Top of Funnel to Closed Lead

Founder of Wordstream and Mobile Monkey and well-known marketing thought leader, Larry Kim, and founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, collaborated to present this WordStream webinar. They discuss content marketing and how it can benefit your brand and business. Three main points they hit on include making an impression with your content, promoting your content, and converting with your content.

4. How to Build an Impactful Brand That Drives Action

This webinar from Salesforce Pardot covers three main topics: how marketing should change for different types of buyers, how to build relationships with your audience, and how to convert those audience members. Jeremy Miller of strategic consultancy Sticky Branding, presents in this humorous, engaging, and informative webinar. Great watch for those looking to build or boost their brand.

5. How to Personalize the Buyer Experience with Sales and Marketing

Three experts from LinkedIn Sales,, and HubSpot share their insights on the buyer experience in this HubSpot webinar. They cover why it’s important to present your audience with a consistent buyer experience, how to attract ideal buyers, how to proactively engage with buyers, and how to align your marketing and sales teams.

6. How to Use Webinars to Close Business

Not only can webinars help garner leads, but they can also close deals, which is the main message within this webinar about webinars. Presenter Mark Bornsetin, vice president of content marketing at webinar service provider ON24, shares his insights with Chief Marketer. Throughout the webinar, he touches on how demos, video tools, content, and more, can enhance a webinar for a better chance at closing a deal.

7. Live Events – A Lifeline for Marketers in an Ad-blocked World

Peter Loibl of CMI and marketing technology company Thismoment host this on-demand webinar on live events. As online audiences continue to block ads, live events may be a way to reach potential customers before they dismiss your brand. The presenters share their thoughts and opinions on this relevant topic during this hour-long webinar. Along with the video recording, you’ll also have access to the slides and Twitter stream from the event.

8. Maximizing your B2B Content Marketing ROI

This eMarketer webinar is recommended for B2B marketers hoping to drive ROI through their content marketing strategy. eMarketer’s Jillian Ryan presents what B2B marketers know about content marketing, how much content B2B marketers are producing, and what types of content lead to optimal results.

9. Metrics that matter: Mastering mobile marketing KPIs

By the end of this 60-minute VentureBeat webinar, you’ll have a more in-depth understanding of mobile marketing and the best KPIs to analyze. Presenter Sheila Bhardwaj, director of account management at mobile marketing company TUNE, along with the mobile marketing lead for Staples, and an analyst for VentureBeat, share the most popular mobile KPIs, key KPIs for a variety of situations, and some non-mobile KPIs to keep in mind.

10. Predictive Marketing—Using Data Decisively at Every Stage of the Funnel

What’s predictive marketing? How are marketers using predictive models within their marketing? How many companies have adopted a predictive marketing strategy? What are the benefits and setbacks of predictive marketing? These are a few of the questions answered in this eMarketer webinar, hosted by eMarketer’s own expert, Jillian Ryan.

11. Social Media in Higher Education

This webinar covers how to use social media to market your higher education institution. Its unique format features a roundtable discussion for four higher education social media and marketing experts. They come together to share knowledge on which social networks are optimal for connecting with higher education audiences, how to curate content, and how to prove the value of social media marketing. Each presenter brings their unique perspectives on the best tips and tricks for higher education social media marketing.

12. The New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration

Leigh Thompson, a professor at Northwestern University, speaks about collaboration and how important activities often require people working together. Throughout this hour-long recorded webinar, you’ll hear about Leigh’s research as she weaves in success stories on breakthrough teamwork. The goal by the end of the presentation is for you to walk away with some tips on how to get brand results through building a tight-knit team.

13. Why people open emails: what 1.7B emails reveal

Mobile analytics company Mixpanel and data marketing company AdRoll collaborated to put on this webinar about email marketing. The presenters share research that reveals effective email strategies, subject line best practices, word selection trends, and retargeting tips. Plus, you’ll be able to view the Q and A that took place during the live webinar.

Where to Find Great Webinars

Done perusing the list above? Continue your marketing education through these webinar resources. Here’s a list of the top 13 places for marketers to find informative webinars on B2B, higher education, content marketing, and much more.

1. AdRoll

AdRoll offers webinars on retargeting and digital marketing. They currently have 14 webinars in their library. AdRoll often partners with other marketing experts including Forrester, HubSpot, Mixpanel, and Sprout Social. Several of AdRoll’s webinars are relevant to timely subject matter, such as the holidays or the political season, which means this is a great resource if you’re looking for info that applies to the current landscape. Recent webinars included Leveraging Display Advertising & Retargeting to Improve Your Digital Marketing Efforts with AdRoll and Hubspot.

2. Chief Marketer

Chief Marketer’s own experts come together with professionals from top-notch companies to put on webinars about digital marketing, content marketing, data, video marketing, marketing trends, omni-channel marketing, engagement, social, and more. They offer free live and on-demand webinars. Recent webinars include How to Use Webinars to Close Business, 5 Reasons to Hop on the Video Marketing Bandwagon, and The Future of Marketing: Seizing the Customer Experience.

3. Content Marketing Institute

Content Marketing Institute partners with thought leaders and top companies, such as Act-On and Marketo, to put on live webinars mostly about content marketing, but sometimes about other topics, such as technology. Their webinars are available on demand after the live versions air. CMI offers a full-day, seven-hour-long webinar, for free, each year. This year’s event, ContentTECH 2017, will feature six webinars on technology, two keynotes, live chat sessions, and networking opportunities. All of this great information will be recorded and available on demand for a few months after the February 2017 event. Some of the webinars available to watch on demand include, 11 Audience Engagement Tips to Win Customers Over Today, Content in Context: It’s More Than Personalization and Personas, and Get Your Blog On: How to Run a Scalable, ROI-Centric Blog Program.

4. eMarketer

eMarketer hosts a new, live webinar each week and features a recorded version on their website after the webinar concludes. Their webinars cover subjects on demographics, advertising, marketing, mobile, ecommerce, marketing technology, media buying, social media, and more. You have to fill out a form to access the webinars, but once you provide your information, they’re free to watch. Past webinars include Social Ad Effectiveness—Four Things You Need to Know, Millennials—A Moving Target for Marketers, Mobile App Marketing—Acquiring and Retaining Quality Users at Scale, and Navigating the Complexities of Cross-Platform Attribution.

5. Harvard Business Review

Harvard Business Review webinars feature insights on not just marketing, but business, sales, management, innovation, and more. They offer both live webinars and an archive of recorded webinars. Each one is hosted by a subject-matter expert. There are more than 300 webinars in HBR’s archive. Recorded webinars include Stop People from Wasting Your Time, Taking the Enterprise View to Leverage Analytics, Effective Strategies for Modern Sales, and Building the Team Journey.

6. Hootsuite

Hootsuite, a social media company that offers a robust social media platform, airs live and on-demand webinars. Topics covered include B2C, B2B, analytics, compliance, engagement, and strategy. Given their social media expertise, most webinars cover social media-related topics. Their on-demand webinars include Enable Your Sales Team to Drive More Social Leads with LinkedIn, Microsoft, and HootsuiteFacebook Best Practices for Business—and How B2B Brands Can Tap Into the Power of Social.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot’s Marketing Resources Library is filled with nearly 60 recorded webinars, available to watch for free. HubSpot offers a variety of topics, speakers, and formats for their webinars. They typically range between 40 minutes and one hour and often feature a Q and A session. Hubspot provides how-tos, overviews, and steps to improve your marketing in areas including content, email, inbound, automation, media, mobile, and ecommerce. One of their more popular webinar formats looks at the science behind common marketing strategies including lead generation, marketing automation, email marketing, webinars, and SEO. Some of HubSpot’s most popular webinars include The Science of Lead Generation, The Art of the Perfect Social Media Post, and How to Drive 1 Million Monthly Blog Visits.

8. Marketo

Marketo offers both live and on-demand webinars. Webinar topics include account-based marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, engagement marketing, enterprise marketing, event marketing, and inbound marketing. Because Marketo offers solutions and/or products in those areas, they bring advanced expertise to each webinar. Their webinar archives include Creating and Optimizing an Email Program, Scoring Leads and Using Lead Tokens, Selecting a Marketing Automation Solution that Scales, and Account-Based Marketing: B2B’s Newest Strategy.

9. Pardot

With more than 80 webinars in their library, Salesforce Pardot, a marketing automation solution, is a useful webinar resource to have on hand, especially for automation insights. They offer webinars in marketing automation, B2B marketing, sales, demand generation, content marketing, campaign optimization, nurturing, and Salesforce, for those that use their marketing automation software. Recent webinars include 10 Tips for B2B Marketing Trailblazers, The Rise of the Data-Driven Marketer, and Optimizing Your Website for Lead Generation.

10. Sprout Social

Most of Sprout Social’s on-demand webinars are social media focused, but the social media-related topics vary greatly, from analytics to contests to interactive content to customer care to branding. Don’t let the social name fool you, they also cover a wide breadth of marketing and business subjects including, email marketing, content marketing, employee engagement. They even offer webinars in the Spanish language. Sprout Social webinars are free to join or watch, but you have to fill out a short form to gain access. They often feature guest presenters from other companies or areas of expertise. Many of their webinars offer a Q and A so you can get your lingering questions, answered.

11. Uberflip

The content experts at Uberflip have built an incredibly helpful library of webinars, mostly in the realm of B2B content marketing. They typically run between 30 minutes and one hour. Most have a host from Uberflip in addition to a guest expert. Their webinars cover subjects including influencers, video marketing, webinars, sales, marketing automation, interactive content, lead generation, and marketing personalization. If you’re looking for regular up-to-date B2B content marketing advice or trends, we recommend you make this the first resource you consult.

12. VentureBeat

This is a great all-around webinar resource. VentureBeat is a news source for marketing, media, technology, and other topics that influence the marketing landscape, which means they have a wider perspective than many of the other more specific resources on this list. They list their upcoming webinars about two months before they happen so you can plan ahead. They also share past webinars so you can watch the recorded versions, including Cross channel analytics: Go from juggler to ringmaster, How to use AI in designing the customer experience, and Email marketing: How to achieve 300% ROI.

13. WordStream

WordStream’s library has nine recorded webinars you can watch at your convenience. A great resource if you’re overwhelmed by the depth of some of the other webinar libraries on this list. Since WordStream’s specialty is online advertising, most of their webinar topics cover PPC marketing, social advertising, and conversion rate optimization. Some of their webinar topics include ALERT! 10 Alarming Signs You Need Help with PPC, 5 Psychological Ad Copy Hacks to 3X Your CTR, and Top 10 CRO Hacks of All Time. The webinars have a variety of hosts, including marketing thought leader and Wordstream founder, Larry Kim.

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