Simplify Your Website Challenge

People use “simplify challenges” for everything from cleaning their closets to family life to getting to the elusive “inbox zero.” As the Olive & Company realm is marketing design, and often, more specifically, website design, we would like to offer the Simplify Your Website challenge. Are you ready to achieve your dream website, be less stressed about it and make the Internet a more beautiful space?

Step One: Test

What works about your website? What do visitors find most helpful and/or attractive?

Your core audience isn’t you, so what’s on your website should be directed by your core audience. Test, test and test again to find out what’s effective and what’s not.

Review your analytics – analyze keywords, track the sources of your traffic, measure ROI and monitor conversions to find the hard data on how your website is performing. Utilize A/B testing – test two versions of a web page to see which performs better. And gather insights with strategic user surveys for real information on how you can improve your website and its usability.

Step Two: Reflect

Does your website and its content reflect your core business values and goals? If you’ve never particularly loved (or are even embarrassed by) the visuals and “voice” of your website, why haven’t you made changes? That sentiment comes across to every client or potential client who visits your site. If your website just isn’t “you,” then make it you. Figure out the core of your business and your offerings and be ready for your website to reflect just that.

Step Three: Edit

Keep the design and copy simple. Get rid of anything extraneous that isn’t necessary to help you reach your goals. No distractions, no fast moving objects. Look over the results of your testing to find out what you can let go of and edit judiciously. Just like cleaning your closet, if a page hasn’t been updated or visited in six months, either update it or get rid of it.

Step Four: Zen

Your website should achieve balance – a balance between informing and generating sales and/or selling with a little bit of delight thrown in for good measure. Give your visitors ways to share (email, social channels, etc.), but give them reasons not to multitask while they’re visiting your site. Beautiful design and engaging content should give them a reason to share.

When you’re ready to take the Simplify Your Website challenge, let us know.We can help you at any, or every, step along the journey. We want to make the Internet a better place and we can help you do just that.

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