Olive & Company’s Erik Norsted Makes Partner

Erik-head-shot-1.jpgFor nearly 15 years, Olive & Company has found success thanks to our smart, goal-oriented clients and one other irreplaceable factor: a dedicated team that has taken us from napkin innovation to the thriving Modern Marketing agency it is today. One of the people on that team has been a core Olive talent for two thirds of our existence, serving our clients, shaping our purpose, and building our unique and engaging brand. That Olive talent is Erik Norsted, and we’re proud to announce he has recently been promoted to partner and chief strategy officer.

Erik’s unwavering dedication is evident not only in his consistent strategic leadership, but in the way he views this next step. “I’ve been with Olive & Company for 10 years, now, and it’s been wonderful watching the agency evolve and grow over that time. Our team does amazing work, and I can’t think of a better, more exciting, agency with which to spend the next ten years,” Erik said.

In his new role, Erik joins partners Rob Haskin and Tom Keekley in leading Olive & Company. With Rob spearheading our operations and Tom guiding our business relationships, Erik was the certain choice to plot our strategic path as we continue to shape our Modern Marketing philosophy, offerings, and expertise.

Of Erik’s promotion, partner Rob Haskin said, “Erik has been with Olive for over a decade. Throughout that time, he has grown into an irreplaceable leader, providing valuable vision to the agency every step of the way. His promotion to partner is well-deserved and I look forward to the future of Olive, with excitement.”

Formerly acting as VP and director of digital strategy, Erik will continue to direct strategic efforts, but with an enhanced purpose that will propel the agency into a new year focused on inbound marketing and growth-driven website design and development. In addition to his strategic guidance, Erik will spearhead our marketing and new business development efforts, keeping us ahead of industry best practices and in front of brands we’re best suited to serve.

Our entire team and partners applaud Erik and look forward to supporting him in his new role. Partner Tom Keekley expressed this support, “I’m proud to have worked alongside Erik for more than a decade—even before his time here at Olive. His professional development has been significant and effective to both our agency and his colleagues. His vision and dedication will continue to inspire agency growth and evolution.”

Olive’s clients will surely benefit from our renewed strategic direction and can rest assured their own strategic efforts are in experienced hands. To learn more about Erik, check out an earlier interview with him, here or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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