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Modern Marketing Toolbox: B2B Marketing Publications

As a B2B marketer, you’re constantly looking for ways to improve your strategies in order to stay on top of the competition and drive new leads. To help you keep current with the evolution of marketing while further honing a few of the more tried and true B2B tactics, here are 15 reputable magazines and email newsletters offering up insights into effective B2B marketing.

1. Advertising Age

Advertising Age offers nine free email newsletters in addition to paid memberships that include their colorful print edition and access to all online content (non-members can read seven articles online per month). Despite their name, Advertising Age content isn’t limited to advertising—they have a robust variety of marketing content including an online section dedicated to B2B marketing. B2B posts cover best practices, relevant industry news, studies, interviews with B2B experts, and examples of successful B2B marketing. After subscribing you can look forward to articles covering B2B campaigns of the year, best practices features like How to Boost Sales With Integrated Content, and B2B case studies.

2. B2B News Network

If you want to stay current on the latest B2B news, then B2B News Network is the resource for you. Their insights are both content marketing and journalism-driven. The content marketing perspective provides recommendations on marketing practices and the journalist’s perspective provides news and information with a fact-finding bent. Recent stories covered the Apple Watch and its relation to B2B marketing, a recap on what B2B marketers are discussing on Twitter, and how to measure B2B content marketing effectiveness.

3. Business Marketing SmartBrief

The Business Marketing Association curates the latest and greatest B2B marketing news from around the web and presents it through their Business Marketing SmartBrief. This daily email is organized into topics such as Eye on Marketing, Tech Edge, and Innovation to keep you well-versed in all areas of B2B marketing. Eye on Marketing covers best practices and updated strategies to keep your marketing current and optimized. Tech Edge focuses on ensuring you’re aware of the latest tech news and getting the most out of your marketing technology. Innovation inspires creative thinking with a look at inventive strategies. Of course, you’ll also receive all of the current Business Marketing Association News in each email.

4. Business 2 Community

Don’t let their B2C name mislead you. In this case, the C represents community. A community of business professionals who share their expertise in areas of digital marketing, social media, business, sales, technology, and brands, among others, in a collective blog. Whether you participate by becoming a contributor, voice your opinions through the commenting feature on each article, or simply subscribe to their newsletter to soak in the shrewd information, you will become a valuable part of this wise and unique blogging community.

5. Chief Marketer

For a personalized experience, Chief Marketer tailors each and every informational email to you. Upon subscribing, you’ll answer a series of questions to dictate the content you receive. Choose whether your market is primarily B2B or both B2B and B2C. Then, pick from 13 areas of interest, including B2B marketing (strategies, tactics, and trends), social marketing, data management, and direct mail, in addition to providing your type of business. Based on your answers, you’ll receive select articles covering anything from B2B marketing engagement to tips for CMOs to information on ROI and metrics.

6. ClickZ Today

Get your daily digital marketing news and updates from ClickZ Today or weekly updates with ClickZ Weekly. With a range of topics, you’ll get a holistic view of the current digital landscape and the tools to be successful within it. Or, tailor your emails by choosing to receive articles on subjects including marketingemailanalyticsmediasearch, and social.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot—not only a trusted marketing and sales platform, but a top source for B2B strategies and tools. Choose to receive their marketing or sales weekly roundups or get an email notification whenever they post a new blog post. HubSpot is the prime source for inbound marketing information (their founder coined the term) and each one of their articles supports that methodology. Recent articles include Compounding Blog Posts: The Best Way to Grow Your Blog’s Traffic [New Data]5 Strategies For Ramping Up Sales Productivity [Infographic], and 8 Modern Tips for Marketing to Millennials.

8. LinkedIn Pulse

One of the many reasons we love marketing so much is the industry’s willingness to share what they know. LinkedIn Pulse is the supreme way to gain a new perspective on marketing topics, opinions, insights, and tools from marketers within your network and the greater LinkedIn community. LinkedIn handpicks top articles to feature in their Pulse stream, so you don’t have to sift through the sea of articles posted daily. Beyond the stream, search for any topic you’d like, including B2B marketing, to peruse a list of articles most relevant to you.

9. MarketingProfs Today

MarketingProfs are top experts in the B2B marketing realm, their posts are shared often, a sign they’re very trusted in the industry. Their MarketingProfs Today and MarketingProfs This Week email newsletters explore new marketing strategies, share innovative ideas, and equip the B2B community with tactics to power their marketing. The info comes straight to your inbox in the form of quick-to-digest articles, data-filled infographics for visual learners, surveys with insights from fellow marketers, and personal views on marketing strategies, providing a unique perspective on hot topics.

10. Marketo Blog

Marketo’s blog is clearly organized and simply laid out for you to navigate their large library of information. It’s easily customizable so you can filter out which articles to view, first choosing between B2B and B2C (we think we can guess which one you’ll choose). Then peruse articles under such topics as event marketing, modern B2B, and lead management. Narrow down your search even further with more than 30 categories, including budgets, demand generation, B2B modern marketing, inbound marketing, and lead scoring.

11. Minneapolis/St.Paul Business Journal

For those of you local readers, you’ll enjoy knowing that the Twin Cities’ own Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal is superior source for marketing smarts. Keep track of what’s happening with your target audience and current customers, know what moves local businesses are making before your competitors, discover area marketing trends, and gain B2B marketing wisdom from an unbiased journalist’s perspective.

12. Sales & Marketing Management Magazine

Sales & Marketing Management Magazine is packed with management tips in the form of webcasts, white papers, and articles to guide your team and drive results. Topics cover everything from analytics to storytelling to B2B sales to trade shows to video marketing. This publication provides insights to help sales and marketing leaders sell, manage, and market. Apply to receive the print or digital version for free, or sign up for a paid subscription. SMM Magazine is published six times a year.

13. Salesforce Pardot Blog

The Salesforce Pardot blog, and their email newsletter featuring a selection of blog articles, contains Interviews, ebooks, and videos galore—a variety of quality content to power your B2B marketing. You’ll enjoy their advice on both marketing automation and general marketing strategy after subscribing. Each article ends with a clean and simple comment form, so you can share your thoughts and see how other readers responded to the piece.

14. Target Marketing

Subscribe to Target Marketing’s free print magazine—published eight times per year—for trusted multichannel direct marketing tactics, techniques, and solutions. If you’re looking for a more steady stream of information, you’ll enjoy Today @ Target Marketing, a daily email stuffed with email, online, and mobile marketing smarts.

15. The B2B Marketing Mentor

Two emails per month. That’s all it takes for The B2B Marketing Mentor to inform and enlighten. These emails feature marketing studies with explanatory charts and data on topics such as social media and branding, analyses on the latest marketing trends, how-tos outlining recommended marketing tactics, Q and As with expert recommendations from industry influencers, and everything else you’ll need to be a tech-savvy marketer.

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