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The Modern Marketer’s Toolbox: Marketing Newsletters

*ping* You know that sound. The familiar notification of a new email in your inbox. The sound of information arriving, ready to be consumed at your convenience. Email offers not only ways to converse, but to enlighten. Today, there are what seems to be an infinite amount of marketers and organizations ready to share their wisdom at the click of the send button. You can choose to receive newsletters as often as you want (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly) on nearly any marketing topic you want (content, analytics, social media, inbound, design). These marketing newsletters address important news, critical data, and brand new tactics to transform your marketing strategy for the better.

Because there are so many exceptional newsletters to choose from, we thought we’d get you started with 25 of our favorites. Now the next time you hear your inbox ping, you’ll know it’s full of information to improve your marketing whenever you have spare moments to explore what’s inside.

Our 25 Favorite Marketing Newsletters

1. Web Marketing Association SmartBrief

Get your daily web marketing info straight to your inbox from WMA’s SmartBrief. WMA features web marketing links from top publishers, such as Web Designer Depot and Smashing Magazine. You’ll begin your read with a top story, so if all you have time for is one article, you know exactly where to look. Next, you’ll see an analysis of top trends, industry news, and updates for developers and designers. The newsletter closes with a motivational marketing or design quote.

2. HubSpot

We’re not only huge fans of HubSpot’s software, we love their marketing, agency, and sales weekly roundups. HubSpot’s content is always insightful and easy to digest. If you’re interested in consuming a heavier dose of HubSpot, you can choose to receive a daily email of their best blog posts.

3. MarketingProfs Today

Receive the best of MarketingProfs in one daily newsletter. This favored marketing resource provides plenty of how-tos, videos, infographics, and surveys to keep your marketing knowledge strong. Their list of events, which are typically held online, is also a handy way to discover new topics you may want to learn more about.

4. The IMPACT Blog

The best part of The IMPACT Blog’s newsletter is that it’s not overwhelming. You’ll receive one new IMPACT article every day on marketing strategy, lead generation, brand outreach, or HubSpot. With a clearly-stated headline and excerpt, you can quickly decide if you’d like to explore the day’s subject matter further. If you love The IMPACT Blog’s inbound marketing, design, and branding insights, this is an easy way to stay on top of their new posts.

5. eMarketer

eMarketer’s daily newsletter presents data to inform our strategies through visuals and clear explanations of what that data means. eMarketers also offers informative webinars and downloadable reports you can choose to receive through email when they become available.

6. Goins, Writer

If you do any sort of content creating, copywriting, social media updating, or storytelling, you’ll want to become a member of Jeff Goins’ tribe. All it takes to be privy to his wealth of knowledge about writing, organization, and channeling creativity, is to click subscribe. His newsletter examines a new topic each day. On a weekly basis, he includes a podcast that often features a special guest. Goins also sends info about special events and exclusive content, all created to help you become a better writer.

7. MarketingSherpa

MarketingSherpa is a reliable resource for marketing statistics and information. They send out charts, case studies, how-tos, and marketing articles featuring usable data and informative insight. Topics include: inbound marketing, email marketing, B2B, and B2C.

8. Social Media Examiner

Explore Social Media Examiner for the latest social media news and tips. Their daily newsletter covers everything from the most basic concepts to advanced tactics to new features all centered around the topic of social media. When you sign up you’ll receive their Social Media Marketing Industry Report, an informative resource detailing how marketers are using social media as a strategy and tool.

9. Litmus

Litmus’ area of expertise is email marketing. They demonstrate their knowledge with a grade-A monthly newsletter. Not only will you learn about email marketing through their original content, but the strategies and design features they implement in their emails may inspire your own.

10. Digital Trends

Digital trends is your daily resource for all things digital. Get notified of all of the tech advancements and news that could influence the apps, technologies, and strategies you use to market your brand. This newsletter will be your first source of information on the tech and tools that could forever change the marketing industry.

11. Inc.

Inc. sends a different email newsletter every day, so you can choose to receive Inc. information as often as you want, for the topics you want. Choose between the daily Inc. Wire, an email filled with news from all around the web; Monday’s Startup and Grow emails, Tuesday’s Money, Wednesday’s Lead, Thursdays Growth Strategies of the Inc. 5000, and Friday’s Innovate.

12. Harvard Business Review

When you receive an email from Harvard Business Review, you know you can trust and rely on the information provided. HBR writes thoughtful pieces on marketing, sales, business, and more. These articles go beyond basic principles and tactics by exploring strategies and concepts that stimulate thinking. Choose to receive one or all of their emails, including Management Tip of the Day, The Daily Stat, The Daily Alert, Weekly Hotlist, Business Bookshelf, and HBR Monthly Update & Best of the Magazine.

13. Content Marketing Institute

You’ll love this email newsletter if you play a role in building a content marketing strategy. Whether you’re involved in strategy planning and execution, or content writing and curating, you’ll find value in Content Marketing Institute’s daily newsletter. The good people at CMI are content marketing experts, so you can trust their information will keep you aware of the latest news and tactics that, when implemented, could propel your strategy to the next level.

14. Econsultancy

Econsultancy is an expert on all things digital marketing. From digital marketing news to useful tools to bulletproof strategies, they deliver the latest and greatest digital marketing information to your email inbox every day.

15. Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

We couldn’t resist throwing a local publication into the mix. Subscribing to this newsletter is beneficial for two reasons. One, Minneapolis/St. Paul brands can discover prospective clients and see what marketing strategies are working for companies that share their geographical target market. Two, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal writes dynamic articles on marketing and business strategies you can use to improve your own.

16. Wired

For the best business, design, entertainment, gear, science, and security information, subscribe to Wired’s newsletter. Their articles are entertaining, informative, and a great all-around source for news.

17. Mention

Mention’s expertise is social media monitoring. Subscribe to their weekly email if you’d like a list of the week’s best original content and a few other enjoyable links. For a friday-afternoon laugh, scroll to the bottom of each email—a TGIF .gif awaits you. And yes, many of them involve cats.

18. The New Yorker

You’ll be inspired daily by The New Yorker’s colorful illustrations and commentary on today’s culture. This newsletter won’t consistently provide you with marketing smarts, but once in awhile it features a marketing or technology piece. Plus, the non-industry-oriented articles are fuel for your creative mind.

19. American Marketing Association

Seven marketing newsletters with seven distinct purposes. Receiving one or all of AMA’s newsletters means receiving reliable marketing information about areas of interest tailored to you. Choose from Marketing News Weekly, Marketing Insights, B2B Marketing, AMA Worldview, Marketing Health Services, Career Update, and College2Career.

20. Marketing Land Newsletters

Marketing Land offers a daily newsletter in addition to 12 different weekly newsletters published Monday-Friday. On Mondays, get your social media and display updates. Tuesday you’ll receive content and search information. Register for the video, email, or Martech emails on Wednesday. The Thursday delivery comes with analytics and/or mobile expertise. End the work week with the industry, retail, and CMO Zone newsletters. Whether you subscribe to one or all, your brain will thank you.

21. CMO. by Adobe

CMO. by Adobe curates and creates nothing but quality, informative, inspiring content. They delve into important marketing topics that need to be analyzed and discussed, such as the future of marketing, effective strategies, and industry disruptors. They answer questions about the state of marketing, the ways different tactics can benefit brands, and how other marketers are implementing successful strategies.

22. Larry’s Links

Lots o’ love for Larry’s Links. There’s more to this newsletter than its charming alliterative title: every two weeks WordStream’s Larry Kim sends out 10 of the best marketing links from around the web. The links are always from a variety of sources with information on Internet marketing, social media marketing, and paid search marketing.

23. Content Marketing Association

CMA covers one area of marketing and they cover it well. Subscribe to CMA’s content marketing monthly, Engage, to receive their expert advice on innovation in content marketing, ideal strategies, new research, and the best content events to attend. You’ll also receive updates on their CMA International Content Marketing Summit and Awards.

24. The Awesomer

There’s only one word fit to describe the content curated by The Awesomer: awesome. Every day they send a list of cool, interesting, unique, funny, entertaining videos. It’s a newsletter that is stimulating to the brain and pleasing to the eye. You never know what you’re going to see and that makes every day, well, awesome.

25. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is not just an analytics platform. It’s a trusted resource for marketing analytics information. With their firsthand knowledge of analytics, the blog and newsletter offers plenty of online marketing smarts to take your strategy to the next level.

Katie Yohn
Katie Yohn
Forever a student of marketing and the written word, Katie is always on the lookout for new ways to connect with audiences. She enjoys learning about emerging trends and sharing what she's learned. She also has an affinity for alliteration.