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How to Get Your Website Visitors to Take the Leap and Take Action

Hi. I’m a first time visitor to your website. I get that your website doesn’t just exist solely for my entertainment, that you would like me to actually do something once I find your site. So I’m going to help you out and let you know how you can get me to take action.

Step 1: Tell me what you want me to do.

Make sure your writing reflects a real, consistent voice and get to the point quickly. Want me to complete a registration form? Make a purchase online? Read additional content? Share your content with others? Subscribe to updates or an e-newsletter? Provide feedback? Tell me exactly what you want me to do (politely, of course).

Step 2: Give me a way to take action.

Don’t just tell me what to do, give me an easy way to make it happen. “Click here to register now,” may seem like a lame and unnecessary call to action, but if it wasn’t there, I wouldn’t know where and how to register. Make sure your website is designed to eliminate any confusion. A little bit of persuasive copy, a big BUY NOW button.

Step 3: Expand on the reasons why I should take action.

I got a taste of who you are and what you’d like me to do, but I’m not yet convinced enough to click the link or the big button and take action. Now is a good time to give me reasons. The weather has turned cold, the scarf and glove set you’re selling is a great way to stay warm because of convincing reason X, Y and Z. I’ve got problems and you’re asking me to take action — if I do that, it should solve at least one of those problems or enhance my life in some way. Tell me how and why.

Step 4: Give me a way to take action (again).

If you think just having one link in your copy is going to get me to click it, you’re wrong. This is a good place to remind me again of the action you’d like me to take and how I can easily make that happen.

Step 5: Keep it brief.

I’m not going to devote my entire day (or probably even 20 minutes) to reading your website. Heck, I may not even scroll down to see how your story ends, so you’d better put the good stuff right up front. Your company history belongs on the About Us page — I want to know what makes you great, what you’re offering, why I can’t get it somewhere else and why I should take action on your site.

Step 6: Clear the clutter.

If I got this far and still haven’t taken action, it’s time to clear away the obstacles. Your offer should be clear, too good to turn down and give me a way to take action. What’s in it for me? Know enough about me to know what I want. Do your homework when writing your copy to address my needs and get me to take action

Hillman Curtis once said, “Design isn’t about making something look better, it’s about moving someone to action.” Olive and Company can make your website beautiful and user-friendly and make your content do magical things — like get your users to click here.

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