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Holiday Marketing Series Day 5: Social

We’re getting our holiday giving started a bit early this year. Our first gift to you? This 12-day blog series designed to help you get through your seasonal marketing without a hitch. If you’re just joining us, you can start at the beginning here.

You’ve spent a great deal of time and budget building up a social following over the past year, and the holidays are the perfect time to start reaping the benefits of that following. We already mentioned that you can use a special event hashtag to extend the reach of your seasonal celebrations, but there are a few other tactics you can use to take your holiday marketing to social. Many of which can be executed by repurposing other aspects of your holiday campaign.

Even the Grinchiest of us has to admit that the holidays lend a bit of magic to our daily grind. This magic primes audiences to connect with brands on a more human level. Use this time to introduce your customers to the faces behind the brand. Post images of your holiday celebrations and share your charitable efforts of the season. Encourage your audience to return the favor, so you can get to know more about them as well.

You can also extend your holiday promotion offering to the social audience you’ve worked so hard to build. This works especially well for time-sensitive offers as you can easily start a social countdown with a series of posts that create a sense of urgency and excitement. Make sure you’re interspersing these promotional posts with value-added content as well to prevent brand fatigue.

Though you started your social efforts as a way to promote your brand, we know the best way to do this is to put the your audience first, so use this time to bring them a bit of holiday cheer. Share the spirited holiday greetings you developed in other areas of your campaign via social. Link to a fun landing page with a playlist full of carols parodying your industry. Share the holiday video you shot to announce your season’s greeting. Give away the years worth of branded desktop designs you created for your clients as a digital gift.

You can also incorporate subtle hints of holiday to bring a little whimsy to your identity. Holiday hashtags are a favorite among social audiences and small, seasonal tweaks to your social images are a quick and simple way to have a little fun with the season.

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Eliza Green
Eliza Green
Passionate about all aspects of content, Eliza has spent much of her career building an understanding of the nuanced needs of various audiences across nearly every vertical imaginable. She leverages this understanding to bring compelling, engaging content to pages of both the digital and print persuasion.