The Modern Marketer’s Toolbox: Color Tools for Designers

Color us obsessed, because we love each of these color tools for designers. Whether you’re creating a brand color palette from scratch, looking for the perfect variation of a specific color, or just searching for colorful inspiration, these tools make designers’ lives easier.

Great Color Tools for Designers

Adobe Kuler

Choose a “color rule” of your choice and create endless themes using Adobe Kuler’s easy-to-use interface. Save your themes for use on any project and browse other themes for design inspiration.

Design Seeds

Design Seeds understands that color inspiration is all around us, so the site captures and shares beautiful color palettes that perfectly coincide with everything from ordinary objects to nature’s wonders. Each palette is easily shareable allowing you to save the palettes for later or spread your favorites to fellow designers.

Colour Lovers

Colour Lovers features not one, but two fabulous color palette tools in addition to a gallery of color palettes, patterns, textures and more. Upload any photo into the PHOTOCOPA or more advanced COPASO tool to create a palette that perfectly matches your image.


Are you tired of having to guess the hex code of a varied color shade in your design or relying on transparencies? 0to255 solves your color woes by letting you type in any color to see varied tints and shades and by saving the code to your clipboard with just one click.


The gold star of ColorCombos goes to their Combo Tester, a tool that allows web designers to explore how well colors work together on the screen and share their discoveries with colleagues. The site also features a library of color ideas and a simple color combo maker.


A significant number of our population is affected by color vision deficiencies which can greatly influence how a person interacts with a site. To be sure everyone can view all aspects of a site, it’s important to make sure colors contrast properly. Contrast-A helps you build a palette that adheres to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines – insuring everyone can read your site – and allows you to view the site through the eyes of the colorblind.

Movies In Color

Films have been presented in color since the 1920s, providing a window to the beauty of the people and places that surround us. Movies In Color offers color palettes inspired from film screenshots, a unique way for designers and movie lovers alike to experience color in a new way.


ColorZilla is a must-have internet extension for every designer. The Chrome and Firefox extension features an eyedropper to collect the color of any pixel, a DOM color analyzer to discover CSS rules on any page and a CSS gradient generator with easily-accessible code to enhance your web design.

Color Fields Colr Pickr

Color Fields places a vibrant twist on finding palette inspiration through photos. The site lets you select any color and displays around 10 photos featuring that hue, a welcome change from typical photo inspiration sites which show a single palette and photo.

Color Scheme Designer

Are you searching for a slick interface to create color palettes? Look no further because Color Scheme Designer is a truly simple way to experiment with color and to create the next palette for your design.

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