Modernizing the XSELL Technologies Website to Support Enterprise Sales

What Olive Did For This Client

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The Client

XSELL Technologies offers an AI-powered agent coaching solution for contact centers at Fortune 50 companies. Their innovative product empowers agents with real-time, human-in-the-loop coaching to deliver exponential results in sales and service for leading brands.

The Challenge

The XSELL Technologies team came to Olive & Company looking to support their enterprise sales efforts with a modernized website experience. Their old site no longer aligned with their business and sales strategy, and their site’s messaging wasn’t tuned to the challenges of their target accounts. They needed to express the value of their complex platform in a way that would resonate with prospects while differentiating it from competitors. They also needed to bring this new message to life with a bold, engaging brand identity that made it clear XSELL belonged in the room with enterprise decision-makers.

XSELL Technologies Website Redesign

The Solution

Although they had a new logo, XSELL did not have a fully fleshed-out visual identity, so we began our work by refining their visual brand with updated fonts, an expanded color palette, and new iconography. From there, we dug in with extensive research and client team collaboration to develop updated brand messaging that reflected their position as an enterprise solution. This research was also used to inform our work overhauling the site’s architecture and content. To complete the new experience, we developed an interactive ROI calculator to be used by site visitors and enterprise sales prospects, and we added lightweight animations to help bring their story to life.

Project Highlights

  • Developed an interactive tool that calculated potential sales value and service value ROI.
  • Collaborated extensively with the client team to refine updated brand positioning and messaging.
  • Expanded on the updated logo with new brand fonts, colors, iconography, and animations. 
  • Helped the client team maintain project momentum and direction through a project leadership change.

Services Provided

  • Visual Identity Refinement and Expansion
  • Brand Messaging Development
  • Website Analysis and Strategy 
  • Site Architecture and Content Strategy
  • Web Design and Development
  • MarTech Consulting
XSELL Technologies Web Design and Development