University of Minnesota Postsecondary Teaching and Learning Website

As part of its firmly established mission, the department of Postsecondary Teaching and Learning at the University of Minnesota inspires and advances success in underrepresented student populations. Though students, faculty, and staff have always been committed to supporting this mission, the niche department felt their outdated site was undermining their work and acting as a barrier to recruitment efforts. They turned to Olive & Company for help.

  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Development
  • Photo Direction
  • UX


In order to reflect their mission and echo the values of a diverse student base, the new site would need to illustrate the youthful, unique environment the department had cultivated. As the Olive team worked toward this end, they had to make sure the design aligned with the university’s main site as well as the overarching U of M brand. From the development side, we’d need to accommodate both the existing content management tool as well as advanced functionality requirements.


Every facet of the University of Minnesota team participated in a collaborative process designed to ensure the site met the needs of each stakeholder. Once a unified vision had been established, the Olive design team created a bold design with a warm color palette and images of real students in engaging classroom settings. Content framed up the student journey while our development team implemented templates that would allow the PsTL staff to keep the site fresh and up to date.


Our team facilitated the handoff to ensure a smooth and quick transition to the site launch. The final result met or exceeded each of the goals laid out by the PsTL staff, U of M branding, and the internal development team. Equipped with a site that accurately reflected everything their brand stood for, the PsTL department was ready to launch headlong into their recruitment efforts, attracting a wide and diverse new group of students.