Torax Medical LINX Social Media Management

For more than a decade, Torax Medical has been developing technology to help patients find relief from sphincter-related diseases without reliance on medication. Out of this work, Torax pioneered a technology platform designed to restore human sphincter function in patients—the LINX® Reflux Management System. The device was designed for patients with gastroesophageal reflux disease, more commonly known as chronic acid reflux. After FDA approval in 2012 and a clinical trial confirming the device’s safety, Torax asked Olive to help introduce LINX to the 1 in 5 Americans who suffer from GERD.

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After two years of building a solid network of gastroenterologists with the credentials to implant the LINX device in patients, Torax needed to educate patients about GERD’s impact on their health and treatment options. And, they would have to do it through clear messaging that fell within the bounds of the FDA’s strict policies surrounding medical device advertising. Torax knew their audience was out there but they didn’t know how to reach them. All in all, this made for a complex sales process.


Olive and Torax strategically determined that social media was an ideal way to reach the consumer audience. The annual GERD Awareness Week provided a natural opportunity to introduce LINX to social audiences who were already discussing the disease. Olive set up LINX profiles, writing content and developing supporting graphics that engaged social users, adhered to FDA guidelines, and established credibility. After launch, Olive continued to develop social posts and engage with users organically and through paid promotion. During GERD Awareness Week the following year, we redoubled our efforts to reach 20,523 people and garner 774 post engagements.


Over the course of a year, the LINX social media efforts grew follower counts (more than 500 percent on Twitter, sixfold on Facebook), increased engagement, and expanded awareness, driving patients to consult with a LINX physician. The Facebook and Twitter accounts became a place where users could not only get updates and tips, but also ask questions about the device and GERD. Patients also began to use the LINX profiles as a platform where they could share their own experiences with other patients.

“Olive and the team was great to work with. They listened to the restrictions that we have to work with in our industry and ensured that everything that they produced for us fits those guidelines. They helped us establish an ever-growing social base which has allowed us to start focusing on how to increase our engagement with them.”

– Brenda Carr, U.S. Marketing Manager at Torax Medical