Sun Country Airlines Ufly Rewards Product Launch

Sun Country Airlines needed to re-energize a frequent-flier affinity program that had lost momentum. Olive pumped up the program branding and messaging to appeal to a new generation of fliers. The resulting work was applied to touch points in the airplanes and terminals, direct mail, and on a Metro Transit train wrap.

  • Art Direction
  • Concept
  • Design


Business travelers love loyalty programs, right? Typically, yes. But there was a problem. Upon reviewing the current state of the Sun Country Loyalty program, they realized it had lost momentum with their leisure travelers and key components of the program itself had been chipped away. It lacked basic collateral (e.g., membership cards) and their long-established “Ufly Rewards Plus VIP” program was retired with no replacement plan in place.


The solution was to create the “Fare & Share – Get there quicker” program. It was a first-of-its-kind community flyer program where business travelers, families, and friends could pool points to earn free tickets faster. The idea was to quickly build a loyal audience by keeping the barriers to earning free tickets as low as possible. Olive & Company built an entire campaign around putting the customer first and prioritizing messaging to match their needs.


The UFly community loyalty program endeared customers to the brand, building a loyal following that contributed to Sun Country’s success as they launched the co-branded rewards credit card. Ultimately, all of the program objectives were achieved within the desired timeframe, which led to Olive’s favorite result: happy clients.

“Olive & Company totally delivered. The marketing efforts around re-launching our loyalty program required a reliable, collaborative partner that could dig in and discern our objectives in a highly regulated and competitive industry. Our Olive & Company team did just that. They brought clever ideas to the table and were willing to create solutions outside traditional boundaries. Barriers became opportunities. They added value every step of the way.”

– Michelle Ewald, Manager, Loyalty Marketing, Sun Country Airlines