St. Mary’s University Digital Advertising and Landing Page

When St. Mary’s University received a grant to market their Graduate School of Business and Technology programs, they worked with Olive to determine that digital ads and corresponding landing pages for each program would provide the greatest return for their new-found marketing dollar.

  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Development


The St. Mary’s communication team had recently implemented a new set of messaging and visual guidelines based on intensive branding research they had just completed. Any concept Olive created would have to build on these guidelines while appealing to the graduate school’s adult audience. Plus, with the next registration deadline right around the corner, the digital campaign needed to launch quickly.


The Olive team immediately set to work creating banner ads that would make an impact on the unique adult audience while staying true to the themes set forth by the brand guidelines. The landing pages leveraged iconography, photos, clear data points and testimonials to tell a compelling story about the benefits of a St. Mary’s education.


The clients were happy with how closely we were able to adhere to their overarching brand while setting the graduate school programs apart. The final ads succinctly hit on the benefits of each program, drawing users into the landing pages and, ultimately, driving leads with persuasive content and a persistent form.