New Web Design Helps Preferred Direct Get More Customers in the Door

An industry-leading print, direct mail, and digital communications partner, Preferred Direct provides customized, high-quality solutions to clients without compromising customer service. HITRUST-certified and HIPPA-compliant, they offer the expertise and systems needed to meet the demands of a diverse array of industries, including healthcare, financial services, and education. When Preferred Direct first approached Olive & Company, their biggest challenge was generating new business. But with the help of a redesign from Olive, they were able to increase awareness, engagement, and conversion rates.

The Challenge

A lack of photography, color, and iconography on Preferred Direct’s website made it visually overwhelming. As a result, their content wasn’t garnering user engagement. In addition, Preferred Direct had trouble generating new business opportunities through their site. Their existing website wasn’t driving leads, which was mostly due to a lack of traffic, and they struggled to convert their price-driven visitors into customers. Finally, they had difficulty securing consistent, large-volume customers with recurring or annual contracts, as their existing website was targeted to the wrong audience.

A selection of Olive & Company's visual branding for the Preferred Direct website.

The Process

To position Preferred Direct as a national player in the commercial printing industry while distinguishing their services from the competition, a full website redesign was needed. Olive began the process with a three-hour workshop that nailed down a market positioning statement, key differentiators, strategic messaging themes, and customer personas. We also developed a website blueprint and refreshed Preferred Direct’s visual identity. Then, we got to work restructuring the site navigation to optimize user flow, refining content to provide value to their audience, and creating new calls-to-action (CTAs) to smooth out the first and last stages in their conversion funnel.

The Results

Preferred Direct now has a clean, modern-looking site that aligns with their updated visual identity. New conversion points—including forms, click-to-call links, and chat windows—make it easier for visitors to contact Preferred Direct, while a new paid search lead generation program helps drive qualified leads and maximize sales opportunities. With the implementation of website performance tracking, Preferred Direct now has a clearer picture of how visitors use the site and how they can fine-tune their digital strategy going forward. Since the launch, they’ve seen a 100% increase in web traffic, a reduction in bounce rates, and an overall improvement in average session duration.

Project Highlights

  • With a redesigned website targeted to a new audience, Preferred Direct’s website has seen a 100% increase in traffic.
  • New conversion points give Preferred Direct new ways to connect with prospective clients.
  • Targeted paid search advertising campaigns continue to generate sales leads.

Services Provided

  • Brand Positioning
  • Website Strategy
  • Web Design and Development
  • Digital Marketing
The Preferred Direct website shown in responsive desktop and tablet displays.