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Modernizing the APSF Brand for a New Generation

APSF Logo Design

The Client

Since 1985, the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) has conducted and encouraged research intended to help keep patients safe when undergoing surgical procedures. As a nonprofit trade organization for anesthesiology professionals, the APSF continues to develop new policies and procedures for anesthesia care teams at home and around the world. But despite having an illustrious history in anesthesiology patient safety, they struggled to connect with a younger generation of anesthesia professionals. Knowing they needed a new vision, the APSF reached out to Olive & Company to modernize their brand strategy and visual identity to appeal to this target audience.

The Challenge

The APSF recognized that their brand was stuck in the past – a time when the organization was highly sought after for expertise in anesthesiology patient safety. Younger professionals failed to understand or see the value in the organization. In turn, this lack of awareness prompted a reduction in funding from corporate and individual sponsors. In order to increase awareness and boost engagement with younger, more diverse prospective members, and to expand international reach, they needed to modernize their brand strategy and visual identity.

A selection of Olive & Company's brand work for APSF..

The Process

First steps included conducting a comprehensive communications audit of current materials and newsletters, as well as a competitive benchmark audit. Leveraging feedback from stakeholders, committee members, sponsors, and donors, Olive developed the groundwork for a new brand platform and updated visual identity. Through the creation of values, a brand promise, brand attributes, and other key platform components, we built a brand platform that acknowledges the APSF’s historical legacy while promoting a contemporary brand strategy. Fresh marketing messages were developed to guide the marketing team and newsletter editorial committee, while a modern version of their existing logo refreshed their visual identity.

The Results

Putting the new brand strategy and key marketing messages into action, the APSF has been better able to communicate their identity and industry impact. As a result, they have witnessed a much-needed increase in private funding and donations, allowing them to continue their mission of improving anesthesiology patient safety. Additionally, the APSF was able to use the updated brand to revitalize their communications and increase overall engagement.

Project Highlights

  • The modern refinement of the APSF’s existing logo continues to garner attention from anesthesiology professionals.
  • The APSF’s overall look and feel now aligns with their new contemporary brand strategy.
  • Using our key marketing messages, the APSF was able to create attractive, relevant content that led to an increase in engagement.

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Guidelines
"We LOVE our logo – and we get so many great comments on it. Working with you and your team was an honor and pleasure. Your insights provided many issues for us to discuss and clarify or adjust in how we approached our mission. And each of your team members was gracious, patient, and very knowledgeable – as well as creative."
Mark A. Warner, M.D.
APSF President
Additional APSF brand elements.