InstruSafe Branding, Catalog, and Web Design

In recent years, robotic surgery has taken over the medical world, renewing the industry’s interest in products designed to protect and sterilize the instrumentation associated with robotic systems. Eager to capitalize on this newfound interest, Summit Medical turned to Olive & Company to breathe new life into their instrument protection brand.

  • Branding
  • Content Strategy
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Development


Historically, the InstruSafe line had fallen by the wayside with little budget to promote the products. The brand itself was nearly non-existent, so Summit needed to establish a more complete InstruSafe identity before they could begin marketing to sterilization personnel in operating rooms throughout the country.


The full team at Olive & Company, from strategy to design to content to development, worked through each element of the InstruSafe brand. Establishing a new brand mark, augmenting the identity with visual elements, developing messaging and weaving each piece through a full catalog, responsive website and supporting collateral.


Thanks to a swift process, the new identity was unveiled to an eager audience at a major industry trade show, setting the InstruSafe brand apart from lesser competitive products. The clients were pleased with how quickly we were able to turn the brand around while also giving careful consideration to addressing the audience’s pain points and organization of the product line.