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Helping NantHealth Align Their Product Marketing to Their Audiences

What Olive Did For This Client

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The Client

NantHealth is a medical software company whose products align the interactions of healthcare providers and healthcare payers. When using all three NantHealth software products, healthcare providers can assess a patient’s condition, match it to evidence-based treatments, and ensure the recommended protocols match a patient’s insurance coverage. Whether used in combination as described or unbundled for specific operational tasks, these software options are an innovative step forward. However, challenges arose trying to communicate the right aspects to the right audiences at the crucial moment. This challenge became a regular hindrance to adoption and market growth.

The Challenge

Olive was called upon to isolate who is the audience, identify their needs, and understand how to attract interest and sway opinion. While the previous agency had gathered a fair amount of information, they had not delved deep enough into the story. Using this foundation, Olive unearthed deeper insights and then bolstered this learning with additional research. We also assisted in deconstructing the siloed nature of NantHealth culture, helping internal stakeholders understand the need to take a holistic view of marketing efforts.

The Solution

With a clear understanding of the NantHealth audience, motivations, and influencing agents, Olive created audience personas and journey maps. We used these to inform the NantHealth website architecture, wireframes, and content. The unique site architecture, interlinking strategy, and consistent taxonomy guided each audience journey within the site, exposing them to key content areas they may have otherwise missed. An innovative website personalization platform plugin was also employed to customize the on-page content based on each user’s behaviors. Olive then worked to re-establish site goals and metrics to better align with the site’s purpose of lead generation. Doing this provided a more accurate assessment of performance as a basis for ongoing improvements.

Project Highlights

  • Planned and moderated a dynamic one-day discovery workshop.
  • Created a modern website experience to educate, nurture, and convert target audiences.
  • Integrated an innovative content personalization platform into the website.

Services Provided

  • Research
  • Audience Personas
  • Journey Mapping
  • Content Strategy
  • Web Design and Development