Harris Companies Website Platform Redesign

Having grown from a small plumbing company to a parent organization owning 17 independently branded organizations, the Harris Companies website had become unwieldy and disorganized, detracting from the corporate brand in the process. By creating master themes within WordPress, Olive extended a unified identity across all 17 brands, bringing a cohesive, elevated online presence to Harris Companies.

  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development


While growing their business for more than half a century, Harris Companies had also worked hard to carve out a position of leadership in their industry. Proud of the reputation they had built, the Harris Companies team was concerned their web presence didn’t fully reflect who they were as industry leaders. Whoever they worked with to revitalize this web presence would have to be able to tackle the challenge of unifying, accommodating, and differentiating their 17 independently branded organizations.


Olive & Company worked closely with the Harris Companies internal marketing team to understand their long-term goals for the parent brand and sub-brands and learn how the current site was preventing them from supporting these goals. We explored the existing overarching Harris Companies brand, finding ways it could be refreshed and extended across the parent site and sub-brand sites. Following these explorations, our team worked through a strategy for designing a set of sites that would arm the internal team with everything they would need to achieve their marketing objectives.


The revitalized and unified brand extended across every sub-brand site through the creation of master themes within WordPress. The marketing team was now able to access and maintain the Harris Companies site and all 17 sub-sites through a single login. This approach allowed Harris Companies to finally establish a cohesive online presence that consistently represented their respected standing in the marketplace. An enthusiastic marketing team was extremely pleased with the results.