Groves Academy Rebrand

As Minnesota’s leading institution for students K-12 with learning difficulties, Groves Academy has solidified its place as a national leader in this academic realm. Their partnership with Olive & Company began just before launching The Learning Center at Groves Academy, designed to further serve students and the community. Groves approached our team with a need for new marketing materials and a cohesive brand identity. Olive led the way as they developed an identity and voice that would drive enrollment and community awareness.

  • Branding
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Development


The team at Groves Academy was equipped with a new logo, phenomenal images, a plan to expand awareness, and open minds. They needed help expanding their masterbrand within the confines of a current look and a plan to bring their existing materials under the new umbrella. They also needed new materials to help launch The Learning Center. The challenges ahead were compounded by the number of stakeholders who would need to weigh in on any marketing decisions.


The first step was to create mood boards that explored an expanded brand identity that didn’t stray too far from the existing brand. With feedback from Groves’ stakeholders, Olive created ad concepts to introduce a refreshed visual identity, brand voice, and personality. Olive then performed an in-depth audit of current Groves materials and provided a recommendation for all future materials. With the Groves team on board, we executed on those recommendations with new services language, a brochure, a folder system, and multiple digital campaigns for The Learning Center.


The new branding and lead generation campaign garnered a great deal of attention for Groves Academy and The Learning Center. In addition, the Groves’ stakeholders were so pleased with how well we understood their mission and the work we put into translating that mission, they consulted with us to help establish their marketing team. We continue our partnership with Groves today, providing their new staff with the tools and ongoing support they needed to execute on the brand we built together.

“When I joined Groves at the end of this creative overhaul process, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that Olive had conducted such a thoughtful analysis of the school branding and created their masterbrand recommendation. The Olive team brought many disjointed elements together into a clean, updated, and engaging look that was very appropriate for our organization, which made my job as the new marketing director much easier.”

—Steve Hall, Director of Marketing