Fiscal Checkup Brand Identity and Collateral

Poised to launch a series of new financial performance software products into the marketplace, Fiscal Checkup needed to reach small- to mid-sized organizations looking to gain a better understanding of their business health. Olive & Company responded with a strategic plan paired with branding, a website, and trade show materials that would take the company through the first product launch and beyond.

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When Fiscal Checkup approached Olive, the company existed only as a software application with a business plan. The brand was scheduled to launch in tandem with the rollout of their first product at a trade show for accounting professionals and business advisors. The company needed to move quickly if they wanted to establish a brand in time to make an impact at the event.


The Olive team rolled up its sleeves and set to work building the Fiscal Checkup brand from the ground up. We first developed brand architecture and identities that served as the foundation for the overarching corporate and individual product marketing. With the identities in place, the team developed pieces introducing the product to the marketplace. Each element from the website to the trade show materials initiated this innovative new SaaS product into an excited, but highly competitive industry.


With creative, including a logo, visual elements, signage, brand messaging, and a website delivered in ample time for the trade show, the initial launch brought with it promises of great success for Fiscal Checkup and its first product. Within two months they had sold annual licenses to several business advisors with more than 100 additional leads requesting pre-purchase demos.