FindLaw Marathon Direct Mail Campaign

Despite two decades as a pioneer in the legal market, FindLaw found they had left valuable markets untapped. They implemented a sales campaign to help them connect with prospects in these markets, but lacked tools to get past the gatekeepers. Taking a note from the FindLaw’s marathon-style marketing approach, Olive created direct mail pieces that took the form of race packets. The memorable packets drove conversations and the sales process.

  • Design
  • Stategy


Even after nearly 20 years perfecting an unparalleled service offering, FindLaw knew there were still entire markets unaware of the benefits they could bring to the table. Markets that represented valuable prospects. After analyzing the data they had available, they decided to focus on New York City firms located in high-rent area codes. They knew their customer. Now, they needed materials compelling enough to get their message in front of these high-profile individuals.


FindLaw turned to Olive & Company to help them develop the tools they needed in the form of a direct mail campaign. In early conversations with the agency, the concept of the marathon nature of their business resonated with the FindLaw team. And, with their target city hosting a historical marathon each year, the theme quickly became the driving force behind their materials. Olive created race packets to serve as the vehicle for FindLaw’s messaging. They created marathon course maps, event ID tags, and images of business professionals running to integrate the theme throughout the materials.


The end result made exactly the impression FindLaw had hoped for. It was one of the most successful direct mail pieces they had seen. Recipients recalled the packets in future conversations with their FindLaw consultant, a fact that energized the sales force. After the pieces were delivered, they hit the phones, using the race packets and the marketing marathon messaging to drive conversations and the sales process.

“This was one of the best examples of a mailer that was recalled clearly by gatekeeper and recipient. This stimulated our phone channel to follow up quickly after packages were delivered, and mention the piece as a leading part of their script. The tie-in to our message ‘online marketing is a marathon, not a sprint’ was very creative.”

– Edwin Van Riessen, former director of integrated marketing/channel marketing, FindLaw