Coloplast Altis Product Launch Campaign

More than 60 years ago, a young nurse’s desire to improve her sister’s quality of life led to groundbreaking innovation in ostomy care. That innovation soon grew into an international, Denmark-based medical device company, with U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis. Coloplast works with researchers, physicians, and product designers to bring ostomy care, continence care, surgical urology, wound care, and skin care products to market. When one of these products became ready to launch in the states, just before the largest sales convention of the year, Coloplast turned to Olive to design a complete campaign from the name up.

  • Art Direction
  • Concept
  • Design
  • Development
  • Naming


Coloplast had just received FDA approval for an innovative new female urinary incontinence sling just before the most important sales convention of the year. The new mini sling needed a name, messaging, and visuals that would position the new product within Coloplast’s existing line of of slings, in very little time. The product would bring exciting, never-before-seen features to the marketplace, which meant marketing language around these features was sparse. Olive would have to translate the dry, scientific product description into messaging that would inspire the sales team as well as the physicians using the products.


Olive first developed a firm understanding of the mini sling so we could set to work developing a name that would illustrate its innovative features while staying true to the existing family name conventions. Thus, Altis was born. We then moved onto the development of an ad campaign, establishing a theme and imagery that would be carried through a variety of other pieces, including a microsite and the sales launch booklet. Though launch booklets are not traditionally exciting, Olive created a piece that built enthusiasm, highlighting the campaign theme and product information with beautifully designed details.


Representing both technological innovation and the beauty of the product, every piece of the campaign, from the name to the sales booklet, positioned Coloplast for a successful launch. With each element buttoned up in time for the convention, the campaign galvanized the sales team, sending them into the field confident and prepared to share the exciting product with physicians across the U.S.