CNS Therapeutics Launch and Marketing Strategy

From inception to acquisition, a St. Paul, Minn., pharmaceutical company needed a marketing partner that would evolve, adapt, and innovate along with their product offering. Olive & Company became this partner, lending strategy and creative direction to each phase of their brand journey.

  • Art Direction
  • Concept
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Stategy


Despite being new to the market, CNS Therapeutics and their competitive, more convenient, and safer intrathecal baclofen production therapy were light years ahead of their competition. Still, they would need to move quickly to establish a brand as innovative as the product itself before competitors caught wind. Post-company launch, their team would also need help navigating three groundbreaking product innovations. Each meant educating an audience set in their ways and communicating with a hard-to-reach medical community. Further, every marketing piece they put out would need to satisfy stringent FDA regulations.


Olive immediately established a deep understanding of the relevant history, marketplace, audience, and product differentiators to create an identity that could be carried through FDA-compliant naming, labels, collateral, and a microsite. CNS continued the marketing partnership through the launch of two more product concentrations, of which we employed creative lighting techniques, a drastic color palette shift, and a succinct, perfect tagline. In addition, Olive created an educational Drug Supply Guide for physicians that we eventually brought to a digital platform with an interactive, engaging, and easy-to-use app.


Over the course of our extensive marketing partnership, the signs of success were undeniable. At conception, CNS and Gablofen had a zero percent share of the baclofen market. Within five years, their innovative products paired with our carefully executed campaigns carved out a 45 percent market share. This rapid expansion and near dominance of the marketplace made CNS incredibly attractive to multibillion dollar pharmaceutical companies, one of which made a $100 million buyout offer. By 2012, pharmaceutical giant Mallinckrodt had put an offer on the table that CNS couldn’t refuse.