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Building a Lead Generation Engine for Groves Learning Organization

What Olive Did For This Client

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increase in diagnostic testing leads
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The Client

Groves Learning Organization (GLO) is an educational ecosystem that empowers students to unleash their brilliance with expert literacy instruction for all students and supportive solutions for neurodiverse learners. GLO is a beacon of learning, illuminating the path to literacy for all students. Within their ecosystem, parents, guardians, and students will find:

Groves Academy
A renowned place of learning that nurtures and encourages the brilliance within neurodiverse students.

Groves Learning Center
Reaching neurodiverse students within their communities to help spark their confidence.

Groves Literacy Partnerships
Working together to help all students shine brightly through evidence-based literacy instruction.

The Challenge

Groves Learning Organization saw an opportunity to help more students ignite academic success by expanding its diagnostic testing team. They also needed to generate demand and capture leads to match their new capacity. Statistically, Groves Learning Organization knew many families were seeking educational empowerment. The opportunity was present, and interest was ongoing. Their website excelled at sharing a complex brand story for multiple audiences. Now it was time to build a focused lead generation campaign with targeted digital advertising and focused landing pages.

The Solution

Olive & Company implemented a best-practices approach to digital advertising lead generation. We began with an analysis of Google Search keyword trends to identify which terms brought visitors to the site. We also investigated why visitors stopped short of filling out the existing contact form. Working with these insights, our strategists implemented performance-validated methods to increase lead generation.

First, we developed a robust digital ad campaign that was deployed via Google Ads search and display, Facebook, and Instagram. These ads attracted target audiences to a landing page that was specifically created to generate conversions. Its content mirrored popular search terms associated with diagnostic testing. This tactic helped increase Groves Learning Organization’s relevance scores on Google Ads, creating better placement opportunities for the most valuable searches. The domino effect continued, leading to higher ad click-through rates among the target audience. Ultimately, increased interaction on the optimized landing page resulted in more conversions, higher conversion rates, leads, and significant revenue.

Project Components

  • Conducted a full assessment of all digital lead generation tactics and forms.
  • Tuned Google Ads using the precise phrases and terms used by families seeking diagnostic testing.
  • Deployed a single-purpose landing page optimized for SEO and designed to enhance UX and simpler form.
  • Created a multi-week waiting list for diagnostic testing services due to increased demand.

Services Provided

  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Strategy
  • SEO Optimization
  • Design/Copy
  • Web Development
  • Paid Digital Advertising
  • Performance Analysis
“As our digital partner, Olive & Company plays an invaluable role in identifying and implementing effective solutions that help us exceed our business goals, driving growth throughout our organization. They truly care about our mission and understand the nuances of our brand. Their collaborative teamwork, deep expertise, and overall professionalism make working with Olive & Company a true pleasure.”
Jennifer Rohling
Director of Marketing, Groves Learning Organization