Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition Identity and Website Redesign

Established as the nutrition department of General Mills more than 50 years ago, the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition branched off into a standalone organization in 1998. Its primary purpose is to guide the General Mills health strategies. In recent years, its secondary purpose of shaping the global wellness landscape by connecting scientific resources to professionals in the health and nutrition industry has begun to evolve.
  • Brand Identity
  • Concept
  • Content Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Copywriting


People around the globe have begun looking beyond the health professionals to get guidance around nutrition and wellness. As a result, new leaders have been emerging from the world of health and wellness. The Bell Institute realized they would need to rethink their strategy if they were going to reach this new audience. This change in strategy would ultimately demand an updated identity, a website redesign, new content, and fresh print collateral that resonated with a new audience comprised of yoga instructors, bloggers, health coaches, etc.


Because each of the tactics belonged to a different Bell Institute communication team, three groups within their organization relied on Olive & Company to deliver the creative and strategic insights that would support their new direction. Tight timelines demanded fast turnaround on each tactic. So, our content, design, and development teams quickly set to work. Within a few months the Bell Institute would have a new identity, redesigned website, captivating content, and a set of print materials that positioned their organization as a contemporary brand. One that was qualified to engage emerging health influencers around the world.


The Olive team became the common thread that ensured continuity across the diverse range of projects and various groups at the Bell Institute. From concept to completion, we maintained a consistent brand experience and kept the new audience in mind every step of the way. The client was thrilled with the results, trusting us to keep the deliverables on track in order to bring everything together in time for an early fall launch. Post-launch the Olive team continues to support the efforts of Bell Institute, carrying the brand we helped establish to a series of educational materials including worksheets, event boxes, and much more.

“Olive & Company embodies professionalism—respectful, easy to work with, fun, and honors candor. We’ve been so impressed with not only the quality of their work, but the speed and flawlessness in which they are able to deliver on tight timelines.”

Communications Team, Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition