Artelle Brand Identity and eCommerce Website Redesign

In their 25 years of designing jewelry, Artelle Designs had seen a lot of changes both in their own shop and in the industry. When they realized they needed new branding and an updated website to better serve their customers and keep up with the industry advancements, they leaned on Olive & Company to revitalize their identity and help them transition into the world of eCommerce.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Development
  • UX


Because Artelle’s inventory is always changing and many of the pieces allow for customization, organization would be the name of the game. Users expected to be able to browse the vast selection of jewelry through a number of different paths and more and more of them wanted to do their shopping via mobile. The new site would have to accommodate these needs without losing sight of Artelle’s unique story in the process. As a designer by trade, the owner of Artelle Designs had a discerning eye and expected perfection in whatever solution the Olive team developed.


After a great deal of ecommerce platform research, our development team decided to leverage BigCommerce, which would allow the client to showcase as many pieces as possible while giving us room to tell a brand story that extended 15 years beyond the founding of Artelle Designs. Through careful user experience consideration and collaborative design, we created a responsive site with a cohesive narrative that highlighted Artelle’s history and design aesthetic.


The site was a great success in the eyes of the client and their customers—who offered up a number of compliments about how impressed they were with the new site. The responsive solution spurred online sales and immediately generated new customers who found the site from mobile devices, which would have been impossible with Artelle’s former flash site.

Olive & Company is a great team to work with. They are doing the actual magic, turning our ideas into a living breathing website that will show our passion for jewelry. It has been a pleasure working with them. They are simply the best!

– Artelle Designs Owners, Stuart and Ellie Adelman