Alliant Engineering Identity, Website, and Collateral

After more than a decade in business, the Alliant Engineering brand needed a refresh. They collaborated with Olive & Company on a logo redesign that became the basis of their new visual identity. Our team then built upon that foundation to design a website and a full set of marketing collateral that would help the company reach a discerning audience.

  • Branding
  • Design
  • Stategy


As a relatively small group, Alliant lacked the marketing resources to produce the range of collateral they needed. A full suite of online, print and trade show deliverables was necessary as they worked to carve out a presence in a highly competitive industry.


Alliant relied on our marketing expertise as we helped them establish a brand and collateral that elevated their brand story and supported a clear long-term vision. The website was designed as a modern, responsive marketing hub that showcased their impressive product portfolio and engaged visitors in the company history and accomplishments.


The new collateral and website became the face of the Alliant brand, making a favorable impression on prospects, partners, and customers vetting the company’s work. The client appreciated the work we did to help them to develop a consistent, cohesive brand across their entire marketing arsenal. The partnership continues to be a positive one as they continue to turn to Olive each time the need for new materials arises.