Website Project Process Timeline

Website design and development projects can be configured and executed an infinite number of ways. As a result, a well-structured process that balances discipline with flexibility is imperative to the success of an interactive project. At Olive & Company, we understand each of the variables that impact project cost and scope, and we know how to tailor our process to keep things on track while accommodating our clients' needs.

Typical project timeframe (3-6 months)

  • Project Kickoff
  • Launch
  • On-Going Support and Optimization
  • Discovery and Planning

    We start with an introductory conversation and come out on the other side with a detailed project plan. In between, we strive to understand all that we can about our clients and their goals. We examine every element from the big picture (brand and business objectives) down to the minute details (technical and functional requirements). Based on the insights we gain, we develop a detailed strategic plan with supporting documentation.
    • Client Interviews and Surveys
    • Digital Audit and Analysis
    • Functional Requirements Documentation
    • Project Brief Development
  • User Experience Design

    No matter how large or small an interactive project may be, we approach each step of our process with the user in mind. We strive to understand just as much about our clients’ customers as we now understand about our clients. Who are they? What do they want? How do they go about getting it? User experience is customer experience. Any interactive project that ignores the thoughts, needs, and habits of the targeted customer will ultimately miss the mark.
    • Customer Research
    • Buyer Persona Development
    • Use Case Development
    • Wireframe Development
    • Interactive Prototyping
    • Usability Testing and Analysis
  • Content Strategy and Development

    A wise web expert once said, “Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.” We agree, and we’re not in the business of decorating. Whether we’re defining website content strategy, information architecture, page copy, or all of the above, we make sure compelling content comes first. We then create interactive designs that support, organize, and showcase that content.
    • Content Audit and Strategy
    • Keyword Research and List Development
    • Information Architecture
    • Content Outline Development
    • Copywriting
    • Content Development Management
    • Content Migration and Loading
  • Visual Design

    Design permeates every step of our interactive project process, but visual design work doesn’t begin until the plan and content are solidly in place. It is then that our creative team can start exploring ideas and pushing boundaries, collaborating closely with our strategy, content, and development teams along the way. The specifics of this step differ depending on the nature of the project, but our end goal never changes: create functional design that both influences and inspires.
    • Style Tile and Mood Board Development
    • Visual Wireframe Development
    • Graphic User Interface (UI) Design
    • Design Concept Mockups
    • Responsive Prototype Mockups
  • Development and Production

    While it often goes unrecognized, it takes both a scientific mind and an artistic eye to translate static visual designs into perfectly constructed websites and applications. Whether we’re developing an entire website from start to finish or building core templates to pass off to a client’s internal development team, we take pride not only in building pixel-for-pixel recreations of interactive design concepts, but also in refining the code and experience for users, editors, and administrators.
    • Template Development
    • Site Buildout
    • CMS Integration
    • Ecommerce Integration
    • Application Integration
    • Technical Infrastructure Setup
    • Code Optimization
    • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment Management

    Once the i’s have been dotted, the code polished, and the browsers tested, it’s time to deploy. We work with clients to determine proper launch strategies in the planning phase, and, when necessary, we manage the actual deployment process. This might include anything from migrating final site files to configuring server redirects to developing a cross-channel launch promotion campaign. Regardless of the project, we see every element through to the end, ensuring we deliver a pixel-perfect final product.
    • Launch Management
    • Domain and Server Configuration
    • Implementation Design Auditing
    • Launch Promotion Campaign Development
    • UI Kit and Style Guide Development
  • Analysis and Optimization

    Web and interactive projects are far from over after they’ve been launched. They simply move into an analysis and optimization phase. We collaborate with our clients to gather feedback and assess key performance indicators upon the completion of every project. We then use these insights to guide and improve the performance of ongoing projects and to inform future projects or campaigns.
    • Analytics and Reporting
    • Post-Project Client Interviews
    • Regular Client Check-In Meetings
    • Customer Feedback
    • A/B Testing
    • Web Support and Maintenance
    • Digital Marketing Services