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Reach and convert prospective students with a proven digital advertising partner.

Level Up Your Campaigns and Maximize ROI

To connect with today’s prospective students, digital advertising campaigns must be compelling, measurable, and adaptable. In other words, success requires comprehensive digital expertise.

That’s where Olive & Company comes in.

Our team offers deep knowledge of the entire digital marketing ecosystem. We know the audiences, marketing strategies, and ad platforms inside and out, and we know how to use data to maximize results.

If your college or university is looking for a proven advertising partner to help you achieve your enrollment marketing goals, contact us today.

Our Higher Education Marketing Services:

Why Partner With Olive & Company?

Holistic Strategy

Our expertise across brand, web, digital, and analytics ensures that every campaign element works together to drive results.


By immersing ourselves in evolving technologies and channels, we're able to bring new opportunities and fresh thinking to our clients.


Data informs everything we do. We track what can be tracked, and we collaborate with internal teams to connect campaigns to outcomes.

Nimble Approach

Our flexible paid advertising management plans and nimble approach will enable you to keep up with shifting priorities and urgent program needs.


We protect budgets by carefully monitoring every ad dollar, and by using detailed performance data to guide campaign strategy.

End-To-End Service

We provide full-service strategy, analysis, and campaign management, from creative asset development to detailed budget tracking and more.

Achieve Your Institution's
Marketing Goals

Higher Ed Marketing Goals

Whether you’re striving to improve existing campaigns or looking to build a comprehensive, multi-channel program, we’ve got you covered. Our approach will get your school in front of the right audiences to reach your goals.

Our Education Experience

Client Success Highlights

Digital Advertising Service Plans

Foundation Plan

For schools looking to solidify their digital advertising presence.

Growth Plan

For institutions ready to expand into new digital ad channels.

Accelerator Plan

For brands that need to elevate their digital campaign experience.
Digital Advertising Audit

Are Your Campaigns Generating ROI for Your Institution?

If your paid campaigns are underperforming, we can help. Our audit will help you assess your strategy, compare performance against competitive benchmarks, and reveal critical opportunities for improvements.

Digital Marketing Audit

Still Have Questions?

While we have substantial experience working with colleges, universities, schools, and departments, we also partner with a range of other businesses and organizations. 

Each of our clients are unique, but they’re all trying to connect, engage, and convert audiences through experiences that typically begin online. 

This focus enables us to build deep expertise. It also empowers our team of marketing specialists to supplement their knowledge with fresh thinking and insights pulled from other clients and industries.

In other words, our clients benefit from the depth and breadth of our experience, which is something other higher education marketing agencies can’t provide.

To see examples of our client successes across multiple industries, explore our work section.

For higher education clients, we utilize a variety of digital ad channels, focusing heavily on the following options:

  • Google Search/Display
  • YouTube
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • TikTok
  • Spotify
  • LinkedIn
  • Additional Programmatic Display/Audio Options

Ultimately, we select the channels and platforms that make the most sense based on a client’s goals, target audiences, and budget. 

We do. Some institutions have internal ad management resources, but they need an outside expert perspective to help them optimize their campaigns. For these teams, our audit can help identify gaps and opportunities in an existing digital advertising strategy.

We can also conduct an audit first as a way of sharing our thinking and building a relationship. We understand that digital marketing is a significant investment, and we want you to feel comfortable when partnering with us.

If you’re interested in a stand-alone audit, let us know in the form below.

Absolutely. While our team provides comprehensive digital advertising management services for several of our clients, we’re also happy to collaborate with other teams, partners, or agencies, when necessary.

Our goal is to make our clients successful. As long as we have open lines of communication and a shared vision, we’re happy to work with anyone who can help our clients achieve their goals.

During our digital strategy onboarding process, we develop a marketing measurement framework that includes SMART goals, KPIs, campaign projections, and much more.

Based on this framework, we then build out a performance dashboard that connects to Google Analytics (including GA4) and all of the other relevant digital advertising platforms.

This dashboard serves as the centerpiece for our reporting meetings, in which we review campaign performance, share insights, and map out recommendations. We tailor these dashboards to highlight the things that are most important to our clients, and we use them as a launch point for strategic changes or refinements.

We typically review performance with our clients on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule, but the specific cadence depends on our clients’ goals and preferences.

To learn more, visit our digital marketing analytics page.

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