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Inbound Marketing Essentials for Community Colleges

Drive prospective student traffic, leads, applications, and enrollment.

Trying to reach lofty enrollment goals with limited marketing resources? Inbound marketing provides community college marketers with a powerful, cost-effective strategy to drive targeted website traffic, generate leads, and nurture prospective students relationships all the way through their journey.

Inbound marketing has been around since the early 2000s, but confusion persists about the myriad tactics and strategies that make up the methodology. So, what exactly is it? And how can your college use it to reach new audiences, engage prospective students and, ultimately, meet your enrollment goals?

We work with clients across multiple industries to implement inbound marketing, but few are more perfectly positioned than community colleges to benefit from the approach. That’s because we know how long it takes for prospective students to go from requesting information to applying, enrolling, and eventually starting classes. We know you have to keep those leads engaged at every stage or you’ll lose them. And we’re ready to share our strategy with you. For free.

Inbound Marketing Essentials for Community Colleges synthesizes our expertise into a resource designed to help you get started.

Get insights into

  • How does inbound marketing work?
  • Why is inbound marketing perfect for community colleges?
  • Building student personas to better target new prospects
  • Understanding the student journey and how to nurture your leads
  • Creating content that resonates with your personas and drives action
  • Setting goals that clearly illustrate success or failure

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