An Olive & Company Ebook

Inbound Marketing Strategies for Higher Education

Developing digital strategies to attract, engage, and nurture today’s prospective student audiences

Striving to connect with prospective student audiences in an increasingly competitive higher education landscape?

Inbound marketing provides schools with a powerful, cost-effective strategy to increase quality website traffic, generate prospective student leads, and nurture those leads, all while sharing content that articulates an institution’s vision and values.

In Inbound Marketing Strategies for Higher Education, we outline the process for establishing a successful inbound marketing strategy, and discuss unique considerations for different types of schools, including 4-year colleges, community colleges, graduate schools, trade schools, faith-based colleges, career colleges, and more.

Get Insights Into

  • Building and using personas to better target new prospects
  • Mapping the prospective student journey
  • Assessing and repurposing existing content assets
  • Creating content that resonates with your audiences
  • Setting goals that clearly illustrate success or failure
  • Developing an inbound marketing strategic blueprint