Brand Strategy Solutions

We build authentic brands that help organizations shape perceptions and stand out from the competition.

Your brand is much more than a logo, a tagline, and a style guide. Your brand is an idea contained in the minds of your customers and audiences. It’s the qualities and characteristics that define their perception of your business or institution. How do they feel about your business, your products, your services, and your culture?

Through our brand strategy process, we work to understand these perceptions, to uncover your organization’s essence, and, ultimately, to build an authentic brand that elevates and differentiates your business at every touchpoint between you and your audience.

Our proven process will help your organization … 

  • Establish a vital, authentic brand identity
  • Understand your customers and other critical audiences
  • Clarify your brand positioning and messaging
  • Differentiate yourselves from the competition
  • Change perceptions among your core audiences
  • Create a cohesive brand experience across every touchpoint

At Olive & Company, we’re passionate about building brands that serve as the foundation to modern marketing success, and, through research, strategy, and creative execution, we’ll bring your brand to life.

Brand Strategy Projects

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Visual Identity System


PALS Visual Identity Design

A previous agency partnership had left the MnPALS team with a redesigned logo that failed to appropriately reflect their new direction. Olive stepped in to create a logo that brought their identity into a modern landscape.

Identity, Website, and Collateral

Alliant Engineering

Alliant Engineering Identity, Website, and Collateral

After more than a decade in business, the Alliant Engineering brand needed a refresh. They collaborated with Olive & Company on a logo redesign that became the basis of their new visual identity. Our team then built upon that foundation to design a website and a full set of marketing collateral that would help the company reach a discerning audience.


Groves Academy

Groves Academy Rebrand

Groves approached our team with a need for new marketing materials and a cohesive brand identity. Olive led the way as they developed an identity and voice that would drive enrollment and community awareness.



Vercet Rebrand

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Rebranding and Website Redesign


Avista Rebranding and Website Redesign

Avista Communications knew their current brand—from name to logo to voice to website—needed a revamp that would bring them into the cutting-edge technology sphere. Olive created a new brand identity and website that put them on the path to becoming a premium player in the technology space. 


Does Your Brand Strategy Need a Jump-Start?

Our Jump-Start Workshop™ provides momentum-building insights and inspiration for teams ready to evaluate their brands' health, identify growth opportunities, and formulate actionable next steps toward crafting an authentic brand for their business.
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