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Your Website: A Critical Piece of the Digital Marketing Puzzle

Your website is your home base. Regardless of industry and audience, it’s the center of your business universe (if it’s not, we should definitely talk). As the nucleus of your business, your website is a critical piece of the digital marketing puzzle and you should start treating it as such. Here’s why:

Here’s Your Digital Marketing Plan in a Nutshell:

Acquire visitors, convert them into customers, retain and grow their business, measure what you’ve done and build on it.

Here’s How You’ll Put the Plan into Action:

Reach, Act, Convert, Engage (RACE).

Here’s Why Your Website is Critically Important to the Plan and Implementation:

User experience and accessibility

How do your visitors experience your website? Where do they go? Where do you want them to go? How do they feel about it? Is your site accessible to the maximum number of visitors? How’s your onsite search functionality?

It’s good that a website serves your needs, but it’s critical that your website serves the needs of your users. And once someone has found your website, can they easily search and find exactly what they’re looking for or are you dropping them down the rabbit hole?

Content functionality and presentation

You’ve undoubtedly got many content assets – images, video, articles, all the copy that makes up your site and more. Is it optimized so you’re easily found through search engines? Does it integrate your latest ad campaign? Is it shareable and are you making it dead easy to share?

Every bit of a website – from the first pixel to the last punctuation mark – should have a strategy behind it and should seamlessly integrate with your business goals. Tell people what you need them to do and give them in easy way to take action and you’ve got a great start on lead generation, conversions and engagement.

Personalization and targeting

As they say in comedy, “Know your audience.” Your website must creatively utilize all the information you have on your target customers and personalize their experience as much as possible. When they feel welcome and like their needs are being met, they’re more likely to try, buy, engage, share and keep coming back for more.

So, how’s your digital marketing plan looking lately and does it involve your website at its very core? If not, contact us today. We can help get your digital marketing on track and help you win the RACE.

Lynne Morioka

With a background in journalism and public relations and 15 years of experience encompassing writing, editing, communications, PR, and social media, Lynne's passion is writing. She helps brands find their voice, so they can effectively express who they are and inspire action.