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Website Design and Content – Together in Perfect Harmony

You have less than two-tenths of a second for your website to make a positive first impression on visitors, according to a recent Missouri S&T study. If your website has had the same look for a few years, it’s time to consider redesigning it. So what, according to the same study, are the most important elements on which you should focus?

  1. Logos
  2. Navigation menu(s)
  3. Social links
  4. Primary graphic or photo
  5. Written content

That’s right, if you’re redesigning your website, you should take the opportunity to reevaluate and rewrite your website content as well.

You don’t want your beautiful new website languishing away on page two of a Google search, do you? Of course not. So you need a variety of original, compelling and ever-changing content to help ensure your site is picked up by search engines. It’s also a smart move to provide multiple and easily accessible calls to action (CTAs) to give your visitors a way to take action – sign up for a free white paper or contact you for more information, etc.

Use your website redesign as occasion to really let your brand shine through with visual design and content that truly reflects your voice and mission. Give people a reason to stay on the site and learn more about who you help and how you help them. Give them ample opportunity to try, buy, subscribe or reach out to you.

To turn that initial two-tenths of a second into a lasting relationship, make sure your website has the killer combo of beauty and brains.

Picture of Lynne Morioka
Lynne Morioka
With a background in journalism and public relations and 15 years of experience encompassing writing, editing, communications, PR, and social media, Lynne's passion is writing. She helps brands find their voice, so they can effectively express who they are and inspire action.