You Might Need an Update – When is it Time to Consider a Website Redesign?

We’ve all seen them — websites that are filled with fifteen different fonts, amateur animation, pages upon pages of rambling content and feature a prominent “last updated” date that’s several years old. Even if your website isn’t quite that painful an experience, it might be time for a website redesign. But how do you know when it’s time to consider that step?

You’ve Recently Changed or Refreshed Your Brand, Positioning, or Messaging

If you have a new logo or brand identity, offer new or enhanced services and have made updates within your company, your external face to the world should reflect those updates as well.

You’re Planning on Launching Significant New Products And/Or Services

The launch of new products and services generally means a significant public relations and social media campaign. Take advantage of that attention and make sure your website is optimized to handle the spotlight.

Your Website Isn’t Accomplishing Your Business Goals

If your website is just sitting out there, not attracting visitors, not inspiring them to take action or share your message on social networks — it’s time for an update.

Your Website Isn’t up to the Job Technically

If your website isn’t responsive and mobile-friendly, if you’re not using a Content Management System (CMS) or your CMS is hard to use, if you’re unhappy with the features, functionality and/or performance (speed) of your site or if your website was built in Flash, it’s definitely time to embrace the efficiency provided by new tools.

Your Competition Looks Better and Fresher

You have only a few seconds to make an impression with visitors to your website, don’t scare them off. If your top competitors have recently updated their sites, if you’ve got pages no one ever visits and if people can’t navigate to your most important marketing messages, it’s time for a change.

When you keep your website current and continuously add dynamic content, you keep people (and search engines) coming back for more. A website redesign can help you better achieve your business goals and truly reflect the experience people get when working with your organization.

Lynne Morioka

Lynne Morioka

With a background in journalism and public relations and 15 years of experience encompassing writing, editing, communications, PR, and social media, Lynne's passion is writing. She helps brands find their voice, so they can effectively express who they are and inspire action.