The Olive Reading List: March 17, 2016

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been reading, watching, and discussing in the Olive studio this week:


A glimpse into how everyone is celebrating being Irish for a day around the globe.
— Leah Gauquie

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

If you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, chances are you’re also planning to enjoy an adult beverage or two. If that’s the case, perhaps you should also consider some food to go along with your beverages of choice. Here are some holiday-themed recipes to help!
— Ben Oberg (@benoberg)

2016’s Best & Worst Cities for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Boston is unsurprisingly the best place (in the U.S.) to celebrate the luck o’ the Irish today, but our very own St. Paul proves itself a contender at number 10. Still, there’s no excuse for getting beat out by Tampa and Gilbert, Arizona. We’ll get ’em next year.
— Eliza Green (@ElizaAnneGreen)

Why Do We Wear Green On St. Patrick’s Day? A Brief History Behind This Tradition

A good question and an answer filled with unique history.
— Katie Yohn (@KatieLyohn)

Trash Is Ugly, But Recycling Is Downright Beautiful

The European Commission adopted new rules in December aimed at recycling 65 percent of all municipal waste by 2030. This photography series shows a glimpse at the process, and the overwhelming amount of *stuff* we discard. What a fantastic reminder to go green this week and always!
— Jessie Reagen

The Lowline is the underground park  New York needs—and here are the minds behind it.

“Underneath New York City there lies 233 miles of tunnels, 469 stations, and one abandoned trolley station. But that trolley station might not be abandoned for long. James Ramsey and Dan Barasch have big plans to reclaim the unused space for public good. The pair want to create the Lowline: A stunning underground park that will give New Yorkers a beautiful respite from the intense city life that lies above. ”
— Danielle Eisenbacher

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