The Olive Reading List: June 18, 2015

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been reading, watching, and discussing in the Olive studio this week:

Impressive Crocheted Leaf Sculptures by Susanna Bauer

Art meets nature in this stunning juxtaposition of strings and leaves.
— Leah Alsum

Twitter unleashes autoplay video ads with 100% viewability promise

Taking a note from children around the world, Twitter is embracing the three-second rule. (Or is it the 10-second rule? I can never remember.) And, advertisers couldn’t be more pleased.
— Eliza Green (@ElizaAnneGreen)

10 Laws of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing can be a very effective way to increase your audience size and customer base by leveraging content, however, it can also be tricky with out any experience doing so in that realm. This article highlights “10 laws” that everyone can benefit from adhering to when leveraging social media efforts.
— Ben Oberg (@benoberg)


These beautiful coffee brewers will open your eyes in the morning … and not just from the caffeine.
— Katie Yohn (@KatieLyohn)

Masculinity Gets a Modern Makeover in Getty Images’ Newest Stock Art Collection

Stock imagery is everywhere. And, the likelihood that it represents stereotypical expectations versus authentic reality is often an unfortunate limitation. The new Lean In Together Selection, by Getty Images, is a beautiful alternative to traditional options of dads fishing and throwing a football. What a huge step forward in defining expectations, setting a norm, and visual storytelling the important men in our lives.
— Jessie Reagen

A social network called Minds has an answer to Facebook’s strangling of organic posts

Minds—the answer to everyone’s Facebook problems? Perhaps. While Facebook has rapidly altered its network, requiring users to dole out cash in order to gain exposure, this new social network aims to boost users’ posts by letting them earn points—which they can in turn cash in for exposure within the network. Whether or not this will be an effective business model remains to be seen, but it’s certainly a welcome departure from the current organic post suppression.
— Dani Adelman (@DaniAdelman)

Neil Gaiman on How Stories Last

What is it about certain stories that make them last? Neil Gaiman argues that stories are alive, using people as their vectors. Whether you listen to the full seminar or just read the transcribed highlights, you’re bound to start thinking about how *good* stories really do have a life of their own.
— Emily Cornell (@eccornell)


Our brains are wired to reward us for talking about ourselves. But droning on about yourself is a horrible way to make a good impression.
— Tieran Haskin (@TieranH)

Recently Received: Nix Pro Sensor

Matching colors in your designs, to those found in the real world can be a challenge. The Nix Pro Color Sensor hopes to bridge that gap without the use of swatch books. A portable, easy to use tool for designers, this device allows you save multiple swatches where ever you go.
— Micah Thompson

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