The Olive Reading List: July 18, 2013

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been reading, watching, and discussing in the Olive studio this week:

Storytellers Have More Fun

Brands want to be interesting. They need to be interesting. This is accomplished the same way for brands as it is for individuals: by telling good stories.
— Rob Haskin (@rhaskin)

Follow the ever evolving quest to allow users to to limit behavioral advertising on the web.
— Peter Robelia (@PeterRobelia)

Jay Baer redefining marketing with ‘Youtility’ concept

Youtility – massively useful information, provided for free, that creates long-term trust and kinship between your company and your customers – may be nearly impossible to implement in some business cultures and very difficult to master in almost all, but still worthy of consideration.
— Shawn Lockhart (@ShawnALockhart)

2 Little-Known Devices Behind Effective Business Storytelling

As content marketing and brand storytelling become more and more essential for businesses trying to establish a digital identity, marketers should all start taking screenwriting courses, or at least read this article about the core concepts of telling stories.
— Erik Norsted (@enorsted)

Create An Intimate Map Of Your Life, Using Just Your Email Inbox

Immersion: creating beautiful infographics based off email interactions; a fresh way of representing an inbox. With the speed at which we move about our lives do we stop and think about the bigger picture?
— Michaela Frokjer (@michaelafrokjer)

In 20 Years, We’re All Going To Realize This Apple Ad Is Nuts

Apple’s “Designed in California” ad inadvertently demonstrates the most fundamental problem of the personal electronics age, and once you see it, you can’t unsee it.
— Luke Prosser (@lukeprosser)

Designers Have Spoken: Redesigning iOS 7

By this time, I can assume you’ve formed some type of opinion of the iPhone’s newest operating system. Some love it, lots (of designers) hate it, but either way, I’m sure you have an opinion about it.
— Jonathan Sollie (@solliedesign)

Map2: The zoomable map on paper

This is a brilliantly designed pocket-sized paper map that zooms in when you unfold it, almost like Google. Plus, it looks easier to fold back up than regular maps. Possibly.
— Valerie Bradt (@valeriebradt)

China’s Sand-Washing Spectacle

Water is discharged at 2,600 cubic metres per second from the Xiaolangdi Reservoir in Luoyang, Henan province, to clear up the sediment in Asia’s second-longest river.
— Tom Keekley (@tkeekley)

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