The Olive Reading List: December 10, 2015

Here’s a look at some of the things we’ve been reading, watching, and discussing in the Olive studio this week:

12 Festive Examples of Holiday-Themed Homepage Designs

Soak up the spirit of the season with these holiday-inspired homepage designs. While some featured subtle nods to the holidays, others completely overhauled their site to draw you in to an online winter wonderland experience.
— Katie Yohn (@KatieLyohn)

4 Hot Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch in 2016

Now that mobile web traffic has surpassed desktop traffic, it’s time to look forward to the next wave of mobile marketing trends.
— Erik Norsted (@enorsted)

3 Trends Transforming How We Watch Ads

Despite a decrease in live TV viewership, video consumption is on the rise. In a fascinating analysis, YouTube’s head of global advertising offers insights into the way video ads are still a key component to reaching your audience.
— Jessie Reagen

The Anatomy of a Winning Marketing Agency Proposal

The proposal is a critical piece of winning any new business and this article provides an essential checklist to ensure the best chance of success.
— Ben Oberg (@benoberg)

Online Surveys and Email Marketing. Better Together.

Campaign Monitor has added online surveys to their feature set. Is a survey right for your next email marketing campaign?
— Peter Robelia (@PeterRobelia)

26 Totally Awesome ’90s Trends That You Forgot About

It’s that special time of year when we start to look back on 2015, but Mashable does us all a favor and decides to look back on 1995, instead.
— Eliza Green (@ElizaAnneGreen)

New Book Material Innovation Goes Inside the Surprisingly Clever World of Package Design

Packaging design has made leaps over the last couple of years, and while aesthetic is still a top priority, designs have moved “toward economy over waste, and function over form.” Take a peek at some clever packaging and the ideas that got it there.
— Leah Gauquie

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